The 5 Reasons Patients Choose a Dentist Beyond Insurance and Location

There are many different reasons someone might choose your dental practice. Two of the most common reasons are that the location is convenient and the office takes their dental insurance. But many people want much more from the dental practice they choose than just convenience. They’re looking for certain things they want their dentist office to dental patients

An Online Presence

Nowadays, many people find it suspicious if a business doesn’t have a website or at least a Google Business Profile. Search engines are the first thing someone turns to when they’re looking for anything from a new dentist to a certain product. Not turning up when someone does that Google search means there’s a good chance you’re losing potential patients.

Having an appealing dental website can go a long way with users looking for a new dentist. It allows them to get all the necessary information, like your services and location. Custom photography can also see the environment and personality your office and staff offer. A good dental website is extremely important for your marketing efforts.

Clear Explanations of Conditions and Treatment Options

The average person doesn’t know a lot about dentistry. They’re looking for a knowledgeable dentist that’s also good at explaining things simple enough for them to understand. Again, a website can help you here. Offering detailed explanations about your services and treatment options gives users confidence in your abilities. Highlighting your training and education assists in this as well.

Personalized Recognition

Patients who go to the dentist don’t want to be seen as just another number through the door. A little bit of personalization can go a long way. Build personal relationships with your patients and do little things, like sending patients cards on their birthdays. If word of mouth gets around that you perform these gestures, it will bring more patients into your office.

Recognizing patients on your website or social media helps too. Different demographics will look more at the online presence than word of mouth. Have a patient of the week or post patient birthdays on your Facebook. Feature video testimonials from patients that have been pleased with your service. Make it known how much you care about your patients.

Financing Options

Especially if your practice isn’t in-network with many insurance companies, offering financial assistance is extremely ideal for patients. People want to invest in their oral healthcare and be proud of their smiles. They just may need a little assistance in the actual investing part of the equation.

Highlight on your website the financing options you have available. Third-party financing through Care Credit and other companies is appealing. You can also create a personalized membership plan that’s specific to your dental practice. For instance, if patients pay a small fee each year, they can get a free discount on procedures and/or hygiene services.

Quality Reviews and Recommendations

For many people, online reviews and recommendations mean as much as someone in their community recommending someone. When they’re looking up your practice, they’re most likely also looking at your Google reviews and services like Yelp or Facebook. Encourage pleased patients to leave ratings and reviews. Every one helps your reputation online!

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