Social Media Marketing

The importance and impact of social media continue to grow as platforms such as Facebook and Instagram develop paid ads products. Social media for dentists is another tool for your overall marketing program and something that should be integrated with your dental website. Social media and social media marketing through paid ads can support a successful program and offer another outlet for:

  • Creating awareness of your practice
  • Promoting your brand
  • Connecting with existing and potential patients
  • Generating traffic and leads

Dental Revenue offers social media marketing services to meet your specific needs. We can help you to create a comprehensive and dynamic online presence through multiple platforms, including Instagram and Facebook advertising for dentists.

Dental Social Media Content

“What do I put on my office Facebook page?” “Do I need an Instagram account for my dental practice?”

These are common questions and our team can work with you to create and post relevant and engaging dental content for social media. We have the expertise and tools to create posts that provide content designed to attract potential patients while promoting your practice brand.

Coordinating a social media marketing or paid ads campaign with your Performance Program services will add another layer of exposure on the web. Social media provides another means for reaching different demographics within your market and can also serve as a great way to communicate with existing patients.

Creating a following on social media can be a powerful tool over time, expanding the web of brand awareness outside of your immediate community. We can work with your practice team to maximize the potential of your social media presence and identify potential “influencers” within your pool of followers.

Social Media for Dentists

We offer several packages to meet your social media marketing and paid ads needs. To learn more contact us for a free demo or discuss this option with your Dental Revenue account manager. We are committed to quality service and marketing services that are chosen and designed to support your unique marketing program.

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