Email Marketing & Print Services

A leading dental marketing agency for dentists, Dental Revenue provides a comprehensive approach to the unique marketing needs of each individual client. Our Performance Program for dentists can help you identify and achieve your marketing goals with a range of tools and services. We offer email marketing and print services that can complement your dental website. Implemented strategically to target the right audience, these services can support practice and revenue growth.

Dental Email Marketing: how to maximize results

One of the key goals of your dental marketing program is to create awareness in your local community and among the patient demographic you seek to attract. Many of our clients tell us that referrals and word of mouth from existing patients are where a majority of their new patients come from, but they do not actively market to this group. Using social media and internal email marketing and newsletters, they can ask for referrals and highlight specific services that they would like to introduce their existing patients.

Our team can help you to identify the key factors for an email marketing campaign and develop both email and social media content designed to connect with the target audience. Email and social media are a great way to connect with current and prospective patients while helping to drive traffic to your website.