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Dental Revenue is a leading dental marketing agency for dentists. Our team provides a thorough approach to the unique marketing needs of each individual client. Our Performance Program for dentists can help you identify and achieve your email marketing goals with a range of tools and services. We offer email marketing and print services that will complement your dental website and offline marketing. We strategically implement these services to target the right audience, and support practice and revenue growth.

Dental Email Marketing: How to Maximize Your Results

Email marketing is a powerful tool for dental practices. One of the key goals of your dental marketing program is to create awareness in your local community and among the patient demographic you seek to attract. Many of our clients tell us that referrals and word of mouth from existing patients are where a majority of their new patients come from, but they do not actively market to this group. However, they see a large uptick in referrals after using social media, internal email marketing and newsletters. You can successfully highlight specific services that you would like to introduce to your existing patients, blast specials, and more using these tools.

What are the benefits of email marketing?

Email marketing offers a multitude of benefits. For one, it’s one of the most effective ways to build rapport with potential and current customers. Emails can include offers, discounts, announcements, contests and so much more. They can be sent at any time and they are an excellent way to entice patients to return and purchase more services.

Email marketing also helps build trust. Patients are more likely to engage with personalized email campaigns that are timely and clearly scheduled. Patients are less likely to engage with emails sent at random intervals. The digital touch point offers convenience, provides an opportunity for timely interactions, and creates a personal connection that places patients in control of their health information.

How does email help in generating new patients?

Email has become an increasingly important way for practices to communicate with patients. Studies show that patients are more likely to remember and act on emails than other marketing materials. Emails also have the potential to reach a wider audience than social media posts or articles, and can produce more leads if the content is targeted correctly.

What are the best practices for using email as a dentist?

Email is a powerful tool for communicating with patients. Keep in mind that not all emails are the same. Some are for gathering information, some are for scheduling, some are for reminders and some are for follow-up. You can use these various email types to provide excellent customer service to patients, and build long-term relationships. Here is a list of key best practices to keep in mind when building an effective email marketing campaign:

  • Setting goals is the first step. Be clear on what you’re trying to do with your email marketing.
  • Avoid getting sent to the spam folder. Emails get automatically sent to the spam folder if the subject line is overly assertive, predatory, or clickbait. Present information in a clear and direct manner. Proofread and edit the content to make sure it’s factual.
  • Remain consistent. For example, create a schedule and time frame and make sure you stick to that schedule. Send a new marketing email at least once a month, and on the same day of the month.

Our team can help you identify the key factors for an email marketing campaign that will give you results. We can develop both email and social media content that connects with your target audience and converts them into new patients. Email marketing is a cost-effective way to reach and engage with current and prospective patients while helping to drive traffic to your website. Schedule a demo with our team to learn more.

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Branded E-Mail Marketing Campaigns

Whether you are looking for new patients or running a special, our branded e-mail marketing campaigns can help you find the patients you are searching for.