About Us

Ads Next™/Dental Revenue is a Next Generation Marketing Company based in the high-tech corridor of Baltimore, Maryland. We created an innovative marketing program for dentists and doctors that includes a website, marketing and customer service to help these businesses increase new patients and revenue. By forming these niches, we have positioned ourselves as experts in these fields, allowing us to create effective and responsive campaigns that keep up with the changing demands and trends within each industry and business.

Brian Burns

President and Founder
Brian founded Ads Next in 2008 and quickly realized the need within the dental and cosmetic doctor markets for strong, reliable internet marketing partner. “These businesses have changed more in the last 5 years than in they have in the past 5 decades. Today, Brian has built a company that supports more than 50 dentists and doctors with a simple, yet innovative program based marketing solution.

Bill Mulcahy

Vice President, Business Development
Bill Mulcahy joined Ads Next in 2010 with more than 15 years of experience in internet marketing. He has helped Brian grow and refine the Performance Program for dentists. Bill works closely with his clients to identify challenges and opportunities and then responds by creating new program initiatives and websites features to keep our accounts performing at their peak. ll

Kelly McGee

Director of Internet Marketing
Kelly has more than 15 years of experience in Search Engine Marketing. She has been with Ads Next since its inception and oversees the Core Marketing component of our Performance Program. Concentrating on research and analysis, Kelly makes sure our clients campaigns are meeting their full potential and that our new design styles exceed industry standards.