Dental Photography & Video

The ability to connect with patients, both existing and potential, is achieved in a variety of ways. The Dental Revenue Performance Program can help your practice elevate brand awareness in your local community and create an emotional connection through photography and video. Imagery continues to expand its role in web marketing with more users choosing to visit sites that have imagery and video over those without. The continued growth of image-driven social media platforms only underscores the importance of good imagery when seeking to drive traffic to your dental website.

Dental Revenue offers photography and video services for dentists. We work with our clients to incorporate media assets and achieve marketing goals.

dental photography and video services

The Role of Photography in Dental Marketing

The age-old saying that a picture “is worth a thousand words” may be changing with the times. Today, an image is at least worth 280 characters, the length of a tweet. For the purpose of marketing your dental practice, photography serves to both represent you and your dentistry and to create an emotional connection with patients. Imagery on your website will help you stand out in your local market and achieve the three stages of marketing:

  • Create awareness: photography of your staff and office will increase engagement with your site and reduce bounce rates.
  • Connect with patients: the digital world makes connections through imagery in many ways. Photography on your dental website can facilitate that emotional connection to your office before a potential patient comes in for a first visit.
  • Convert the sale: photography can help your dental website stand out, significantly increasing your odds of converting a website visitor to a new patient.

Patient Photography & Testimonial Videos

Photography that highlights your patients and their results can also play a vital role in your overall marketing strategy and success. Smile galleries and testimonial videos will make a lasting impression on a potential patient seeking dental care or a treatment plan. Today’s potential patients are also consumers who are increasingly exposed to this type of imagery and media.

Patient testimonial videos can deliver a powerful message that is often far more impactful than anything else on your dental website. Incorporating videos and building a smile gallery will broaden your brand awareness and can also be promoted on social media. Watching and listening to your patients talk about the benefits of their dental care in your office can help a potential patient convert to a new patient.

Ready to get started?

Our team is ready to help you build your dental practice brand with photography and video. Contact your account manager or request a demo to learn more about this service and discuss the benefits for your dental marketing program.