The Performance Program

Dental Revenue leverages almost 14 years of dental marketing performance data to make our programs highly effective. What can we do for you and your dental practice?

Why market my dental practice?

Traditionally, dentists have avoided marketing. In today’s digital world, it’s unavoidable. Not only does the modern dental practice have to invest in marketing – they need to go above and beyond to build value and differentiate themselves from other dentists in their local area.

The Dental Revenue team is equipped to be your trusted marketing partner. Our account managers will advise you and take genuine ownership of your success. Our goal is to help you achieve your goals and maximize your return on your marketing investment. The Dental Revenue Performance Program is the answer for dentists who want to succeed in online marketing. A successful marketing program can help you build a new practice or grow an existing practice, increasing revenue and improving overall efficiency.

Dental Revenue is a leading dental marketing agency with a comprehensive approach that can help dentists in all phases of their career achieve business goals and develop a thriving practice. Our team has over 40 years of combined experience in dental marketing. We understand the challenges that dentists face and have solutions to meet your immediate and future marketing needs.

dental revenue performance program for dentists

How does the Performance Program Work?

Dental Revenue developed the Performance Program for dentists seeking a full-service solution to their marketing needs. Our experienced team can create a phased approach so that your marketing efforts will build upon themselves over time. We help you focus on the important stages of marketing your dental practice:

  • Creating awareness
  • Connecting with patients
  • Converting the sale

The ability to move a potential patient through each stage successfully requires a multi-faceted marketing program that facilitates results. Starting with a dental website designed to promote your practice and connect with potential patients through the web, we can create a strategy that suits your budget, needs, and goals. From original content and keyword strategy to mobile-friendly and responsive functionality, your dental website serves as the foundation for the range of tools we can offer to support your long term goals. Our services cover all aspects of online marketing for your dental practice.

Maximizing Return: the Dental Revenue Dashboard & ROI Tool

Meeting your practice revenue goals requires an understanding of how your marketing is performing and how your front desk is managing leads. Most dental practices don’t know how their website is working. The Reporting Dashboard is an essential tool that can tell you not just how your website is performing – but how well your staff is converting leads into new patients.

Logging in to your Dental Revenue Dashboard enables you to see keyword reports, website traffic, and search engine rankings for your dental practice in real-time. Summary reports are easy to understand and you can dive into detailed reports for more information.

The Dashboard also tracks new patient leads that come by phone or through web forms. Listen to new patient calls directly from the dashboard and review web leads to make sure you are getting the best quality patients and that your staff is achieving an optimal conversion rate.

All of this information and metrics are at your fingertips daily, but routine account management review calls provide the opportunity for in-depth discussion and analysis of how things are going. Our account management team can help you make sense of it all and keep your program on track to meet your goals. The Performance Program is designed to be flexible and to accommodate the changing needs of your marketing program over time. We used a phased approach that enables your program to build and maximize your marketing dollars as you achieve success.

Are you ready to learn more?

We welcome you to schedule a demo to learn more about Dental Revenue, the Performance Program, and our dental marketing services. Take the first step with us and we will start you on a path to marketing success and increased practice revenue.