Paid Advertising for Dentists

Dental Revenue is a full-service dental marketing agency offering a 360 approach to your practice and revenue growth needs. Paid advertising for dentists often plays an integral role in the development and promotion of a successful program. Paid ads are an important tool for achieving your marketing goals, creating awareness on the web, and an outlet for connecting with prospective patients.

What are Paid Ads for Dentists?

Paid advertising on the web has effectively replaced the traditional means of advertising such as Yellow Pages, local print magazines and even commercials on local T.V. PPC can be used strategically to support all phases of your dental marketing campaign.

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Our dedicated SEM team has years of experience helping dentists maximize their online marketing dollars through effective PPC campaigns. Using the pay-per-click form of online paid ads, we leverage high ranking keywords to create awareness, connect with potential patients, and improve rates of conversion to increase practice revenue. We provide expert PPC management for dentists and place paid ads on Google and Bing, depending on the market competitiveness and location of our clients’ practices.

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A paid ads campaign will take several key factors into consideration :


How much you are willing to spend on this aspect of marketing.


What are local competitors spending and what is the local cost per click (CPC) for your keywords.


What type of patients are you seeking and/or what dental services do you wish to market.

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Social Media Advertising for Dentists

In addition to PPC ads on major search engines, we also work with clients to develop and implement paid ads campaigns on social media platforms:
  • Instagram Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • YouTube Ads
  • Display Advertising

Social media for dental practices can promote an ongoing connection with existing patients. Presence on social media platforms also provides the opportunity to connect to potential patients organically through shared content and posts.

Placing paid ads on social media can improve connection rates and further promote awareness, a key aspect of your overall marketing success.