Dental Marketing

Achieve the Three “Cs” of Marketing

Is your dental marketing program focused on the unique needs of a dental office? Are your results meeting your forecasts and dental practice goals?

Dental Revenue is a digital marketing company serving dentists in all stages of their careers. It was founded on the pledge to help dental practices achieve the three “C’s” of marketing: create, connect, and convert. Our team has over 40 years of combined experience in the field of dental marketing and helps the dental industry harness the power of online marketing.

Our unique Performance Program helps our clients find their marketing needs, create a detailed approach, and monitor real-time results. The marketing program is specifically for dentists and will meet the unique needs of our clients in various stages of dental practice development and growth.

The dental marketing services we offer include the following:

Dental Websites

Your dental website is the hub of your marketing strategy. Our websites are designed to maximize visits and conversions. Unique, quality content is written around ideal keywords to hit on search engines. They’re also how users get to know about you and what you have to offer.

Strategic PPC Advertising (Google Ads) for Dentists

Google is one of the most prominent ways that people find new products and services. Paid ads on Google have taken the place of Yellow Pages listings. We target your ad campaigns around keywords that bring in the specific patients you’re looking for.

Dental Practice Social Media Marketing

Social media helps your practice reach a wider demographic and keep in touch with current patients. We focus on Facebook and Instagram ads to promote your dental office and produce content that users want to engage with. It’s a fun medium to help showcase the personality of you and your staff.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Dentists

SEO incorporates various techniques both on and off your site. All of these techniques are strategies to improve your search engine rankings. We use proven methods that are focused on getting more traffic to your website.

Email Marketing & Print Services for Dental Practices

Email is a crucial form of communication for dentists and their patients. It’s a great way to send offers and communicate with both potential and current patients. A newsletter helps keep current patients in the loop, and coupons keep them coming back into the office for other services.

A Custom Marketing Plan for Your Unique Needs

While we have a successful framework with our Performance Program, we recognize that each dental practice is unique. We take the time to learn the ins and outs of your practice, goals, budget, and competition in the area. What works for other practices may not be the best option for your practice.

Every practice has things that make it stand out. That’s what we want to help you market. What makes you different than the other dentistry options people have? Why should they turn to your practice specifically? These key things are what you want to highlight in order to attract patients to your practice.

Many marketing companies have a “set it and forget it” system. They turn on marketing services for you and then let them go. We don’t believe in that system. Like a financial advisor, your dedicated dental marketing advisor will help you through every step of your marketing plan. Regular calls allow us to help address concerns and update you on your progress.

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Dental Marketing: the key to growing your practice.

All practices need a dental marketing plan to achieve business goals and continue to thrive within their community. In the ever-changing and evolving field of dentistry, today's practice owners benefit from a strategic marketing approach. A "one size fits all" marketing program is unlikely to bring in the type of patients you seek.

Dental Revenue offers a staged marketing approach for dentists that we can tailor to the unique needs of the individual practice owner. Our Performance Program can help you meet goals, monitor results, and adjust services when needed.

We will recommend our dental marketing services for specific factors influencing search visibility, rankings, and conversions. The goal of a successful marketing program is to create a strong foundation with a performance-driven dental website and build momentum by incorporating strategic tools that focus on your business goals.

What are the stages of dental marketing achievement?

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3 Key Factors

A successful marketing program will build upon itself and allow you to achieve and expand your return on investment. As your marketing partner, the Dental Revenue team can help you find and create your path to success with a phased approach.

Our team works closely with clients to address these questions and build realistic marketing goals.

There are 3 key factors to take into consideration when building a marketing program:

  • Budget: What amount do you want to spend on your practice marketing?
  • Location: What is your local market? Is it highly competitive?
  • Business goals: What are you seeking to achieve with your marketing dollars?
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Getting Started: Schedule a Dental Revenue Demo

The first step towards your new practice marketing program is to schedule a free demo and website evaluation with us. We will go over all aspects of our dental marketing services in greater detail. Our customer service team can provide feedback on the metrics for your existing website or online presence. This initial discussion provides the opportunity for you to ask questions about our services, your immediate needs, and future goals for practice growth and revenue.

Wherever you are in your dental career, Dental Revenue can meet your immediate marketing needs and help you build a stronger practice for the future. Give us a call today.

Do dentists need dental marketing?

Dental marketing has become essential for a successful dental practice. People no longer rely on the Yellow Pages when looking for a new dentist. They’re turning to Google. If you don’t have an online presence, it’s likely that people are going to be wary of your dental practice. A solid dental website that’s optimized for search engines, as well as digital marketing services, is what gets patients through your door.

How do I market my dental practice?

It’s different for each dental practice. Every practice is unique, so it makes sense that the specific marketing strategy is too. You have to consider your budget, location, local market, and the goals you want to accomplish with your marketing efforts. A personalized marketing plan depends on these factors.

Do I need a dental marketing agency?

Technically, anyone could market their own business or practice. But the results are usually better when you partner with an expert. Dental Revenue’s entire focus is dental marketing and helping clients reach their marketing goals. We consider it a true partnership. We don’t consider ourselves successful unless you’re successful!

How do I track the results of my dental marketing efforts?

If you’re implementing marketing efforts, you want to see the returns. It’s crucial to track the data from your marketing to see how it’s performing and whether you should make changes. The Dental Revenue Dashboard collects all of your marketing data and displays it in simple graphs and more detail. We’re also available to discuss the numbers and what they all mean.

Does choosing a dental marketing firm mean templated content?

Everything will be unique, whether it’s the writing on your website or the marketing strategy used. Practices aren’t just copies of each other. Social media marketing may be extremely successful for one practice, but it might not work well for yours. We work with you to personalize everything for your unique situation.

Will I get help understanding my marketing strategy?

Absolutely. Some marketing firms believe in the “set it and forget it” approach to marketing. We don’t. We assign you a personal dental marketing advisor from day one. They’ll help assist you through every step of the marketing process. You’ll have regularly scheduled calls with them for updates and can contact them anytime with questions or concerns.

How long does it take to see results from dental marketing?

This is different with every practice. It all depends on the marketing services you choose, your market, and your budget. Your marketing advisor keeps you in the loop on how you’re performing, and if there are any changes you can make to perform better.

Do you offer social media marketing?

Yes, we do! Social media marketing has been very beneficial for bringing new types of patients into your office. Social media users are often a different demographic than you usually reach with other standard marketing efforts. We have multiple packages available, so you can decide which one you think would be most effective for your practice.