Dental Marketing

Is your dental marketing program focused on the unique needs of a dental practice? Are your results meeting your expectations and practice goals?

Dental Revenue is a dental marketing company serving dentists in all stages of their careers. It was founded on the commitment to help dental practices achieve the three “C’s” of marketing: create, connect, and convert. Our team has over 40 years of combined experience in the field of dental marketing. We have created the unique Performance Program which helps our clients identify their marketing needs, develop a comprehensive approach, and monitor results in real-time. Our marketing program was created specifically for dentists and is designed to meet the unique needs of our clients in various stages of practice development and growth.

Dental marketing services we offer include:

  • Dental Websites
  • Strategic PPC Advertising for Dentists
  • Dental Practice Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Dentists
  • Email Marketing & Print Services for Dental Practices

Dental Marketing: the key to growing your practice.

All practices need a dental marketing company in order to achieve business goals and continue to thrive within their community. In the ever-changing and evolving field of dentistry, today’s practice owners benefit from a strategic approach to marketing. A “one size fits all” marketing program is unlikely to bring in the type of patients you are seeking, depending on your stage of practice development.

Dental Revenue offers a staged marketing approach for dentists that is tailored to the unique needs of the individual practice owner. Our Performance Program can help you meet goals, monitor results, and adjust services as needed. Your dental marketing services are recommended based on specific factors that influence search, ranking, and conversions. The objective of a successful marketing program is to create a strong foundation with a performance-driven dental website and build momentum with the incorporation of strategic tools that focus on your business goals.

What are the stages of dental marketing achievement?

A successful marketing program will build upon itself and allow you to achieve and expand your practice business goals. As your marketing partner, the Dental Revenue team can help you identify and create your path to success with a phased approach. There are 3 key factors to take into consideration when building a marketing program:

  • Budget: what amount are you prepared to spend on your practice marketing?
  • Location: what is your local market? Is it highly competitive?
  • Business goals: what are you seeking to achieve with your marketing dollars?

Our team works closely with clients to address these questions and develop realistic marketing goals.

Stage One: Create Awareness

Creating awareness is the first step in marketing your dental practice to your local community. Using the right tools, a strong dental website can help you generate new patients as more people become aware of your existence, what makes you different and the services you offer. Our team is committed to your overall success and a long term result from your marketing efforts.

Stage Two: Connecting with Patients

The second stage incorporates tools to connect closer with your patients and builds upon initial efforts to improve rankings and web traffic. Regular account management review calls and ongoing analysis of your keys to your program’s ongoing performance.

Stage Three: Converting the Sale

A successful connection with a patient who has found your practice as a result of marketing should lead to a commitment. This refers to the “conversion” of a potential patient or lead to an actual patient who comes in for dental services. If your dental website and correlating marketing efforts are successful, your practice will experience growth through additional patients.

Getting Started: Schedule a Dental Revenue Demo

The first step towards your new practice marketing program is to schedule a free demo and website evaluation with us. We will go over all aspects of our dental marketing services in greater detail and can provide feedback on the metrics for your existing website or online presence. This initial discussion provides the opportunity for you to ask questions about our services, your immediate needs, and future goals for practice growth and revenue.

Wherever you are in your dental career, Dental Revenue is equipped to meet your immediate marketing needs and help you build a stronger practice for the future.