Why Evergreen Website Content Helps Dental SEO

Content is one of the most important factors regarding search engine rankings. You’ve probably heard the phrase “content is king,” and that’s the truth. Search engines want your site to have content that’s unique and informative. Having new content is something that they look for too. But evergreen content is also a big help when it comes to rankings.evergreen content for dental seo

What is Evergreen Content?

Evergreen content is the same as evergreen trees – it’s good content that lasts on your site and is useful even in the future. It doesn’t have an expiration date. Writing content for certain holidays, new trends, and other timely issues is good, but it’s not evergreen. It continues to have value to readers, and the information doesn’t become irrelevant.

Evergreen Content On Your Website

There are many different ways you can incorporate evergreen content into your website. One of the easiest is in your dental blogs. Not only can this be a way to get new content on the site every month, but it can be evergreen content too. A blog with a balance of trending and evergreen content is the ideal blend.

FAQ pages are something that website users look for. They are curious about your services and offerings and often have specific questions about the service and how it impacts their lifestyle. As you get new patients looking at your website, you want to ensure you have answers to common questions. Search engines also want to see you as an expert in your field.

Your base homepage and “about” content will stay relatively evergreen. Unless you’re changing up your hours or something similar, it’s steady information. Include information about payment options and if you take insurance. These are things that people are going to be searching for.

Why Post Evergreen Content

Search engines love evergreen content. To rank on Google, they’re looking for pages that are an authority on the subject. Wikipedia ranks highly on many search results because it’s informative, evergreen content that’s their specialty. You want to present yourself as the go-to information site for the keywords you want to rank for.

You can also always promote evergreen content. If you’re using social media, posting an eye-catching evergreen blog post is always a good way to get eyes on your site. The best thing about evergreen content is that it doesn’t matter when that post was originally published. It’s still something you can utilize in your current marketing.

It heightens your brand authority, too. You can get more shares from evergreen content than you can from time-sensitive content. If you’re posting about dental care tips for the winter holidays, you can get a new boost in traffic every year when it’s that time again. You have the opportunity to get more clicks and shares, too.

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