How To Build a Successful Dental Brand

For your dental practice, having a successful brand is very important. It’s how people see you, both locally and across the web. Having a brand that people recognize as being a good one is what gets new patients in the door and helps them trust your practice. How do you build a dental brand that conveys how you want to portray your practice?dental branding

A Persona to Meet Your Goals

Knowing why you want to create your dental brand is the first step. What are you hoping to achieve in the next few months and years? What do you want your reputation to be? What kind of cases do you want walking in your door? Knowing the answers to these questions allows you to craft a brand designed to meet these goals.

Knowing where you want to go takes your campaign in the right direction. A dental brand requires dental marketing techniques and making sure everything matches up. The style and feel of your dental website should match any custom marketing materials you’re sending out, like newsletters or postcards.

Patients want to know what motivates you and why you chose dentistry. They don’t want to hear you’re in it for the money. You also want to highlight what makes you different. What education and experience do you have that sets you apart? Do you have advanced technology offerings in your practice that other dentists in the area don’t?

Constantly Create Content

Your brand isn’t something you can just set up one day, and it’s complete. You always have to be maintaining your brand and update your content. Particularly for search engines, always having new, high-quality content on your website will get you ranked more favorably. Monthly blog posts are a great way to stay current on written content.

Social media is one of the greatest ways to market your brand. It allows you the most freedom to put a personal touch on the face of your practice. And you should make sure your content is up to date here. 

Post photos from the workday so patients can get to know the environment. Do features on staff members so patients can learn more about the people that work there and their passions. Hold polls so people can get engaged with your practice and vote for things. Holding little contests on your social media is great for this as well.

Market Your Brand

A brand doesn’t really help you unless you know how to market it. A partnership with a dedicated dental marketing company like Dental Revenue can help. We specialize in marketing for dentists, utilizing different mediums to find a personalized plan that’s right for your brand.

Throughout your marketing journey, you’ll have a trusted dental marketing advisor to help you every step of the way. Marketing should never be a bunch of services you activate and forget about. We help your practice change with the flow of current dental trends. If you’re ready to start a marketing partnership, call us or schedule a demo online to get started!

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