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Social Media Marketing by Dental Revenue

Dentists all over the country are discovering the power of social media. Practices with a solid social media strategy are noticing increased new patient reach as well as better appointment numbers. This has become one of the easiest ways to connect and engage with current and potential patients. A platform for self promotion, social media speaks to the culture of your practice, allowing potential patients to get a feel for who you are, greatening the likelihood of gaining their business. The value of social media for a dental practice will only continue to grow.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing is referring to the practice of using Social Media to promote a service(s). For the dental world, it has become increasingly important to use this platform as a communication with current patients and those outside of your current patient base, but within your targeted demographic. Today, more than ever, we have seen astronomical growth within the social media platform that has allowed for our clients to generate more new patients while building their brand.

The Dental Revenue Approach

By adding our social media offering to your current budget, our dedicated specialists are able to concentrate on building your brand as well as targeting new patients.

  • Learn more about your audience.
  • Help your patients to feel welcome and comfortable before they even enter the practice doors.
  • Build an online personality.
  • Boost posts to gain more exposure in your targeted location.

Social Media Package Options


Social Media Brand Consistency Package $500 

For Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn: 

  • Changing all profile pictures and cover photos across platforms to be the same.
  • Updating all bios across platforms to include a brief description of client’s business, and adding website links as well. 

  • Ensuring all information about the business is up to date across platforms. 

  • Setting up pages for clients who do not already have social media pages. 

  • Creating “Instagram Highlights” with relevant information about the patient’s business. 

  • Posting 3 posts on platforms that have been inactive, or to improve legitimacy of the pages. 

Intro/Basic package set up $500

Basic Set up with Brand Consistency $850

Basic Set up with Brand Consistency + photos $1000*

*Local clients only


Basic Package $500

  • Meet with Social Media expert via phone call/ GoTo Meeting to review SM focus
  • 4 custom designed posts that can be posted on both Facebook and Instagram
  • 2 (of the 4) posts will be boosted to gain more visibility outside of the practice

Basic package + 2 additional boosts $600

Basic package + Ads $1000

Basic package + Ads + Email Marketing $2000

  • Depending on your focus, we can dedicate an email marketing campaign to further leverage the power of the campaign.


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