What is Revenue-Focused Dental Marketing?

With dental marketing, you’re usually focused on getting new leads and patients into your office. But it’s likely that you want your marketing efforts to lead to more revenue to grow your practice further. Dental Revenue is a marketing agency specializing in dental practices and revenue-focused dental marketing to continue to shape and grow your practice. It’s right there in our company name!revenue-focused dental marketing

What is Revenue-Focused Dental Marketing?

You may not realize it, but there are many different goals that your dental marketing campaign can focus on. Some plans focus on brand recognition and building your name and brand altogether. Others may focus on a new service or product your practice has started offering. Revenue-focused marketing puts all your efforts into generating new leads and growing your business.

Dental Revenue uses different methods and channels to focus on bringing more revenue to your practice. With marketing focused on revenue, we will look to meet revenue goals before business goals. You may want to get a certain number of new patients through the door and meet a certain revenue quota. Your marketing efforts will focus on hitting that revenue target before anything else.

The Benefits of Revenue-Focused Dental Marketing

Revenue-focused marketing focuses on what the customer wants. Using this method, you’re looking to find repeat patients that are choosing you as their dental home. Not only will you be rewarded in the short term, but these long-term patients mean continued revenue coming in in the future. Regular patients allow you to set reliable metrics and focus on where you can go with both new and existing client relationships.

You can root the goals of your practice in models based on your current sales and revenue. You have the reality of metrics instead of just predictions on what a patient will do. You’re focusing less on leads and prospects and more on the types of cases you’ll need to hit your revenue goals. Do you want to attract higher-spend cases like those of dental implants or attract general dentistry patients that choose you as their regular dentist?

Developing Your Marketing Strategy

When you choose revenue-focused dental marketing, you need to ensure you’re collecting data. The Dental Revenue Dashboard collects data from search engines, your website, and other areas, so you get a full picture of how your marketing is working. It helps you determine the return on investment of your current marketing efforts and where changes might need to be made.

We help work with you so that you understand how each piece of your marketing plan fits into the overall picture. We take a personalized approach with each of our clients. Markets and populations in one area may respond differently than in others. Some cities are denser and harder to market in. All of these things are taken into consideration. You should understand why every piece is important and how it fits into the whole.

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