Why Your Traditional Dental Marketing Approach Isn’t Working

Traditional dental marketing techniques are typically rooted in print media. Things like mailers, phone book advertising, billboards, and other mediums were what dentists and other businesses tended to rely on. But today, you need more than that. While these can supplement your main strategy, they likely aren’t the most effective way to bring in new patients.digital dental marketing

You Don’t Have a Website

Regardless of what medium you’re using to advertise, you need an online presence. Typically, traditional marketing would point to a phone number for people to call to schedule an appointment. While calling is still important, many people want to do a bit of research on your practice before they commit to scheduling an appointment.

A good website is the best way to show people what you’re all about. An attractive site with custom photography of you and your office leads to the most conversions. Conversions mean people are coming into your office. Your website should make a great first impression right on the homepage. It shouldn’t look outdated or cookie-cutter, or people are going to lose interest.

Potential Patients Don’t Have Contact Options

Especially with the younger generations, they don’t want to have to call to make an appointment. It’s important to give them other options for contacting you. We recommend putting a contact form on your site, where people can just click a button and immediately be directed to fill out a form to send to you. This makes scheduling super easy, even for those people that want to avoid a phone call.

Other options include email or text services, too. Both of these things can be set up. It’s important to survey your staff and ensure you have the employee capability to respond to these inquiries easily. You don’t want to overextend yourself and result in patients going to other practices because you didn’t get back to them in a timely manner.

You’re Not Getting the Cases You Want

It’s a lot harder to ensure traditional media is going to the specific types of patients that you want. If you’re putting up a billboard or putting an ad in the newspaper, you aren’t really targeting any specific patients. Anyone can see your ad and decide to call your office. While this is great for patient volume, it’s not ideal if you’re looking to do specific cases, like dental implants.

Digital marketing allows you to target very specific groups of people. Maybe you want more cosmetic dental cases, or you want to focus on pediatric dentistry. Using SEO strategies and paid ads for specific keywords, it’s easier to attract the exact cases that you want to be doing. You don’t have to wade through the volume of subpar leads to find the ones that you actually want.

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