Improve Your Dental Marketing ROI By Telling Your Story

As the years go by, more and more dental practices are turning to digital marketing. It’s essential to have a solid online presence to be a successful business in this day and age. So, how do you make yours stand out in a sea of dental practices? Lean into your brand’s story and dental practice to connect emotionally with the user. You can actually improve your ROI simply by telling your story.improving dental marketing roi

Utilize Custom Photography and Videography

One of the best ways to make your marketing personal is to use photos and videos of your actual office, patients, and staff. Great professional stock photos and content are out there, but it’s harder for users to connect to them. They want to see their actual peers and community members in the office chair.

Custom photos and videos allow you to give potential patients a full tour of your office as well. They can see the environment and decide if it’s a place where they’ll feel comfortable. Patients with dental anxiety get comfort from seeing what they can expect beforehand. This helps you attract a variety of different patients.

These things can also show people your personality and how you interact with both your staff and patients. You can show them how much you care and how they’ll be accepted at your practice. Record a video welcome message for users on your page and talk a little bit about you and your practice. This touch of personality can go a long way.

Feature Your Bio

Everyone has a history and a story that got them to where they are, including you. People looking at your website can identify with your struggle. Everyone loves a story that shows where you’ve come from. It helps them learn more about you and gives them context to who you are as a person. Highlight this on your website.

Tell users how you got started in the dental field and how you got your practice. Why did you choose your current community as the one you wanted to serve? Why did you want to become a dentist in the first place? What issues did you have to overcome to get to where you are today? These kinds of things set you apart from the other competitors.

Highlight Patient Experiences

One of the best things for your practice is patients that are willing to talk about their great experiences at your practice. While Google and Yelp reviews are extremely beneficial, video testimonials can help you see the biggest ROI. When you’re getting custom videography and photography done at your office, see if there are patients that would be willing to come in and put a testimonial on film. 

When you have video testimonials, it says a lot about your practice. Filming something for someone goes above and beyond, and it tells users that your practice provides top-tier services. If you have even a few patients willing to provide one, it will help bring new patients into your practice.

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