How To Engage With Your Dental Social Media Audience

Social media marketing for dentists is a great way for you to attract new types of patients to your practice. But in order to convert users into actual patients, you have to know the best ways to communicate with your social media audience. It all depends on the platform you’re using and the age group you’re looking to target.

Know the Age Group

Age groups matter a lot when it comes to social media. Certain ages are more likely to use certain platforms. Facebook is usually the best bet for adults and seniors. If you’re searching for a younger audience, Instagram and TikTok are platforms you want to consider. Research which platform is best for the age group you want.

Age matters for the time you’re posting, too. Seniors are likely to go to bed earlier, so late afternoon posts probably work the best. Older adults are often on social media right after dinnertime. Plan strategically so that you’re getting the most eyes possible from the age group you’re looking media marketing for dentists

Show Off Your Personality

Many forms of marketing are more rigid and professional. Social media marketing is probably the best marketing type to show off a more personal side of you and your practice. People aren’t looking for stuffy and buttoned-down social media posts. You can still be professional while having fun doing it.

Announce awards and staff changes or milestones with a fun picture or video. Looking at popular hashtags on Instagram or Twitter also provide great ideas as to what’s trending. Are there any dental hashtags you can get in on? What about any other current trends that you can put a dental spin on? You’ll be surprised at what ideas you might find.

Offer Specials or Coupons

Everyone loves a special discount or coupon. A great way to gain both social media engagement and new followers is by offering a contest or exclusive offer. Maybe only people that are on your social media page are eligible. You can also have a contest that involves people answering in the comments.

Organize Q&A Sessions

There are so many little things about dentistry and your practice that people don’t know. Give them a chance to express their curiosity and get some answers. Whether you respond in the comments or make a video with all the answers, it gets people looking at your page. Better yet, it ensures people are engaging with your posts.

Target Your Post Content

With your marketing efforts, what’s your top goal for all of them? Obviously, you want users to engage with your content and those users becoming patients. But what are the exact patients you’re looking for? Do you just want a generally higher volume of patients, or are there specific services you want patients to come in for?

You can subtly focus your social media posts so that they’re more about the services you want in the door. General dental patients can be attracted to fun facts about hygiene and other services. For cosmetic and restorative dentistry, before and after pictures are always eye-catching.

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