Why Unique Content On Your Dental Website is a Must

While there are many different factors to consider with your dental marketing plan, content remains one of the most important. Marketing trends and technologies change over time, but having quality content is still one of the most crucial things for your success. Not only does your content need to be good, but it has to be unique, too.dental website content

Keep Things Fresh

One of the things Google is looking for when they’re ranking pages is consistent, updated content. Good evergreen content is always a plus, but it’s even better to have things like blogs where you’re regularly adding more content. Google sees that you maintain your website well and have authority about certain subjects.

Building your authority also gives you more of a chance for other sites to link to yours as an information source. Nothing says that you’re more trustworthy and informed than other content creators utilizing your information as a resource. The more that you discuss particular subjects, the more authority you build with both users and search engines.

Reject Copying Content

It’s essential that your content isn’t copied from other sites on the web. Directly copying content can lead to some of the most trouble for your site. When Google finds duplicate content, your site gets flagged, and you start ranking lower. It immediately makes you look suspicious and that you’re not a respected authority.

Even if you’re revamping one of your old blog posts, Google can still see it as duplicate content. Maybe you’re changing up a few paragraphs or adding some additional content before you repost it as a new post. Even though it’s from your own page previously, if it has even a slightly different URL, it’s going to be seen by the search engine as duplicate content.

Build Trust With Your Patients

Users expect certain things out of your website and the content on it. If they see a stagnant website, they may think your practice is stagnant, too. Content can become outdated quickly. You want to ensure that you’re keeping things current. If you have new technology in your practice, blog about it and add it to your website. This can attract new patients and build your trust with current ones.

New content shows how you’re keeping up with news in the dentistry world, new technologies and equipment, and the current pressing matters people have about their oral health. You want your website to be an authority for people to turn to when they need oral health information. A regular blog ensures that you do this monthly at the very least.

Content doesn’t just have to be written, either. Video testimonials help inform other patients about the quality of care they can receive in your office. Helpful infographics are a great visual medium to convey important, useful information. A smile gallery with before and after pictures show the influence of your work. Various mediums can be used for unique content on your website.

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