Building Dental Marketing Strategy Around Your Expectations

One of the mistakes people make is diving into dental marketing without knowing what they really want to get out of it. Marketing works best when you have clear goals for your practice that you want to meet. Certain strategies and platforms may work better than others, depending on whether you want more dental implant cases or want to focus on growing the practice.

You also have to be realistic about your expectations. Dental marketing doesn’t usually provide perfect results overnight. It’s about setting realistic goals and taking the marketing steps needed to meet these goals. This is why dental marketing never looks the same for two practices. It needs to be tailored to specific marketing strategy

Keep Things Realistic

You can’t completely shoot for the moon and expect your marketing efforts to triple the size of your practice in six months. It’s important for you to set realistic goals that you can meet. A big goal can be the result, but focus on hitting smaller ones as you slowly build to this. You don’t want to cancel marketing efforts that provide a good return, just not instant unrealistic results.

Set Specific Goals

There are many different things you can focus on when you’re marketing. Do you want more overall patients at your door, no matter what treatments they want? Do you specifically want dental implant cases? Or do you want to be performing more cosmetic dentistry services? Different marketing strategies are needed for each of these.

For instance, social media marketing is a great way to bring in more cosmetic cases. TikTok and other mediums have made porcelain veneers increasingly popular. Many people out there are looking to get a brighter, whiter smile. You might not be as successful if you’re solely using email marketing to bring in cosmetic patients.

Be specific when you’re setting your goals. At Dental Revenue, you have a personal dental marketing advisor to help you every step of the way. We can help you set specific, realistic goals for the needs of your practice. If we think your money would be better off with a different strategy, we’ll tell you that you should consider changing things.

Know Your Target Audience

You must know the best people to market to meet your goals. For instance, the older population that’s most likely to look for dental implants probably isn’t going to be looking on Instagram. We also help you determine what the market is like in your area and the demographics that are going to be most beneficial to your practice.

Follow The Data

Our Dental Revenue Dashboard helps pull together all of the data points from your marketing efforts. It’s important to continually take notice of your marketing data and use it to improve your marketing strategy. You’ll have regular calls with your advisor to help you make sense of the numbers. You can also call us anytime if you have questions or concerns with your current marketing efforts.

Marketing isn’t something that you can just set and forget about. It’s constantly evolving and changing. Don’t let yourself become stagnant. Continue to set new goals and ensure your marketing plan keeps up with your practice’s changes.

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