The Importance of Showing Your Work as a Dentist

Growing up, we were often told that we should show our work in math classes. But the same remains true for a dentist. Potential patients want proof of the work before they choose you for dental care. Showing examples of your work on your website helps them feel more confident about going to your office to get their dental care.custom dental photography and video

Showing Your Work

There are various ways for you to show off your work on your website and marketing platforms. One of the easiest ways is a smile gallery. Smile galleries can detail the services that were being done and show viewers teeth before and after you performed dental work. Showing the before and after shows viewers how much of an impact your dental care had on each patient.

Custom photography and videography on your entire site also show your work. Potential patients can see you in your natural environment. Custom pictures and videos let them get a taste of the environment of your practice so they can see if it’s a good fit for them. The personality of you and your staff comes through.

Video testimonials are like the next level after a smile gallery. If your patients are enthusiastic enough about your work to go on camera for it, it shows how much they appreciate you. It also gives them another way to show off their smiles. Things like this can be shared on social media, a great visual medium. 

Translates Into Leads

It’s proven that custom photos increase the number of conversions you get. People take notice when it isn’t stock photography. They see the actual people that are coming into your office. They also see your team and how you all interact. People react more knowing that they’re seeing the real people they will notice in your office.

Seeing results makes people more comfortable. Reviews and smile galleries are both popular for this reason. They want to ensure they’re making the right decision in choosing your office for their dental care. If they can see the actual results of your work and hear from impressed patients, they’re more likely to come to your office.

Social media is a very visual medium. Two of the most popular sites are Instagram and Facebook, both of which heavily feature imagery. Instagram is completely made up of images and captions. Testimonials and before and after features are great for your social media marketing campaign.

However, ensure that a quality professional photographer does your work imagery. Unprofessional pictures taken on a cell phone aren’t going to look good to potential patients. You need someone who knows the best lighting and angles to get appealing pictures that people are going to want to look at.

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