Understanding the Stages of Dental Marketing Achievement

To have a successful marketing journey, there are certain things to understand about marketing achievement. A phased approach allows you to meet these stages, growing your marketing plan to where you want to be. At Dental Revenue, we work with you every step of the way to meet these stages and bring in the patients you’re looking for.dental marketing success

Building Brand Awareness

The first step is getting people aware of your practice and brand. All of our marketing plans start with a quality dental website. The site serves as the hub of your marketing efforts. It’s where people will learn about your practice and the services you offer and schedule an appointment.

Our copywriters write unique pages of content for your website. They’re written with SEO best practices in mind, tailoring the content around the keywords you want to rank for. This helps you rank on search engines, making your practice more visible.

There are multiple other ways to create awareness for your practice. Paid advertising with Google Ads provides more chances to see your practice when people search on Google. Email and print marketing are ideal for local people and patients that have already been to your practice. Social media marketing can target a demographic that the other methods don’t quite reach.

Connecting With Patients

Once people are more aware of your brand, they’ll want to connect with you. One of the best ways to do this is with an emotional impact. Your dental website should be something that helps to reflect the personality of you and your practice. They want to know the environment and if they’ll be comfortable at your office.

Custom photography and videography go a long way regarding emotional connection. Stock photography is nice but doesn’t add that personal touch. People can see you interact with staff and see what it’s like to visit your practice. They see the same faces they’ll see when they walk through the door. 

Video testimonials help bring patients in too. They can see their peers on video talking about the quality of your work. It takes someone being very impressed to get them to testify on video. It gives you more credibility when it comes to new patients. 

Commitment and Conversion

When you’ve connected well with someone, that should lead to a commitment to your practice. A website user should convert into an actual patient scheduling an appointment on your website or on the phone. We want to help you maximize the conversions you’re getting.

Like a financial advisor, we provide you with a dedicated marketing advisor. You have regular check-ins that help you understand the data from your marketing efforts. If you have concerns, contact them at any time. We’ll help you see the areas where you’re doing well and provide suggestions if we think change will benefit your practice.

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