How to Get the Most Out of Your Dental Video Shoot

Having a dental website and online marketing is essential for dentists in this day and age  But how do you make sure your practice’s online presence stands out among the rest? Custom dental photography and videography take your site to the next level. Stock imagery can’t evoke the emotional connection that footage of your actual site and staff can.

When you have a video shoot, you want to ensure you get the most bang for your buck. Dental Revenue has a few tips for your video shoot to go amazingly.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Dental Video Shoot

Figure Out Your Vision

Go into your video shoot having a game plan. What do you want to accomplish with your video shoot? What patients are you trying to reach? How do you want your practice to be portrayed? Talk with your staff and plan out some of the core things you want to convey. When you’re planning, talk to the video team ahead of time and get their input as well.

Practice Your Lines

While you don’t have to have a script, it’s good to have an idea of what you want to say. You’re used to talking with patients and people daily, but a camera can make anyone nervous. Practice some talking points in the mirror or with your family. Get comfortable with what you want to say. It makes it easier to be able to talk when you have a camera there.

If you’re getting interviewed, talk to the videographer about questions beforehand. When you’re prepared, you’re less nervous. You don’t want to be reading from a script and sounding robotic. Practicing means getting loose with material and making it sound more natural. That’s the goal when it comes to the shooting day.

Make Sure Your Office is Camera Ready

Video is another way you’re marketing your practice. So you want to make sure that it looks its best. Thoroughly clean the office and ensure that there’s no clutter in any shooting areas. Especially because your practice is a medical office, viewers will look for cleanliness. You want your office to put its best foot forward when it’s on camera.

This goes for the staff, too. If you’re shooting close-ups with you, the staff, and patients, make sure everyone is looking their best. Everyone should be dressed well, their hair should be done, and there shouldn’t be stains on anything. The quality of your practice and how it shows up on video impact your reputation.

Use Your Time Wisely

Today’s people don’t have a lot of patience. With the internet, they’re used to instant gratification. The first few seconds of the video are extremely important. Whether it’s a testimonial from a patient or an interview with the dentist, have something at the beginning that will rope viewers in. You want to keep them watching.

Enjoy Yourself

That’s the most important part! This isn’t something that should feel like a chore. Think of it as a chance for you to have a fun time enjoying the company of your staff. In the video, we want you to look natural. It should accurately portray patients’ experiences when they’re in your office. They don’t want someone that looks like being at work is a chore. Just let yourself have fun!

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