Why Your Dental Practice May Need a Website Redesign

Your website is an extremely important part of your dental marketing strategy. It’s the hub of all of your marketing efforts. It needs to be something you’re proud of that users will be impressed by. If one of the following points pertains to you, it’s a good sign that you should redesign your website.

Why Your Dental Practice May Need a Website Redesign

Your Site is Built on Old Technology

Outdated technology can hinder both the speed and the look of your website. If your site requires flash for things or outdated plugins, it will not be loading properly for users. Flash websites are also extremely difficult for search engines to read and don’t load well on mobile devices. 

A dental website optimized for search engines and mobile is crucial to driving traffic to your site. Many people are searching for things on their phones instead of a computer. And ranking on search engines is how people will find your practice. You want your site to be appealing for search engines to rank it better.

No one wants to look at a site that looks straight out of the 90s, either. If you aren’t dedicated to keeping up with your site, maybe you’re not that dedicated to patient care, either. Users also don’t have a lot of patience to wait for a site to load. A modern website shows you’re a modern dental practice that keeps up with the best techniques and technology.

You Aren’t Getting Mobile Visitors

If you aren’t getting mobile traffic, you’re missing out on insane traffic. It costs you leads when your bounce rate is high, and patients are backing out of your site because it’s hard to access on mobile. A redesign can simplify your site and make it something that runs seamlessly on any size device. 

Your Site is Hard to Update

Your site should be built with technology that’s easy to make changes to. Things can change a lot in just the course of a year with your dental practice. You may add or lose staff, obtain new technology in your office, or add new services to your offerings. The site shouldn’t just sit as a stagnant thing on the Internet.

We build all our sites by combining our Dental Codebase technology with WordPress. This combination makes updates to the site extremely simple. If you have new information that you need on your site, we can add it in a few clicks. It also leaves it open to add more quality content, like a smile gallery, at any time.

Your Site isn’t Designed to Convert Users into Patients

The purpose of your website should be to get new patients in your door. It has to be easy to use for a wide variety of viewers and fast and responsive for both users and search engines. The site’s layout should draw people to areas like the “Schedule Appointment” button and your phone number and location. 

Content is king when it comes to search engine rankings. Your content has to be unique, informative, and engaging so that your practice is seen when people are doing a Google search. Our copywriters dedicate hours to writing content specific to your dental practice.

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