5 Mistakes You’re Making in Your Dental Marketing

Dental marketing is an essential part of a growing practice in this day and age. But it’s important to make sure you’re utilizing it in a beneficial way. Marketing mistakes can be incredibly easy to make. You may not even realize that what you’re doing can have negative impacts on your marketing efforts.dental marketing

Not Tracking or Ignoring Data

All of your dental marketing efforts don’t mean anything if you aren’t tracking the data that they bring in. Tracking the leads that you get from your marketing pushes helps you determine how successful your marketing plan is. You see if you’re getting patients from your marketing and which marketing techniques are proving the most successful for you.

With paid ads, we create tracked phone numbers for each separate campaign you have. If you’re getting calls from your porcelain veneers ad campaign, you’ll know. Data can prompt you to spend your money more appropriately. If something is really working, you may want to allocate more of your budget in this area.

Not Following Up on Leads

Leads require following up to turn into conversions. Make sure you have staff that is dedicated to following leads. If your office isn’t responding quickly and promptly, you probably aren’t going to convert that lead into a patient. Phone calls are easy alerts that staff are ready and able to answer. But make sure that someone is monitoring form submissions, chat requests, and emails as well.

Depending on the size of your practice, you may be able to dedicate a staff member to just following up on leads. They can work on filling out your schedule and talking to patients about their appointments. Whether your marketing is focusing on just more volume or specific types of cases, leads are extremely important.

Having an Unappealing Website

If you don’t have a good website, you may have people clicking on your page and immediately leaving. Outdated websites are immediately unappealing to users. Old layouts and slow loading screens send the wrong messages to users. If your website is outdated, they may think that maybe the office and staff there aren’t modern either.

Make sure that all of the information on your site is up to date, too. Your address and hours of service should be accurate for people that are trying to plan a visit. List all of the services you offer as well. They should be easy to find so that patients can immediately see if the service they need is offered at your office.

Not Highlighting Your Uniqueness

Your brand and culture make or break the decision to go to your practice for a patient. Your website is a great place to highlight both of these things. Showcase your personality in your website design. Use language to show potential patients that you’re not judgemental, no matter how long it’s been since the patient has been to a dentist office.

Custom photography and videography go a long way in conveying your personality. Patients can see the actual people they’ll be seeing in their office. Smiling pictures and videos of you and your staff interacting with patients let viewers see what they can expect from your office. Show that you’re different from all of the other practices in the Google results.

Not Managing Your Online Reputation

Your online reputation matters a LOT when it comes to people choosing your practice. Most people nowadays are looking at online reviews before they choose anything, be it a place, service, or product. Online reviews are basically the same as personal recommendations. Too many negative reviews are going to make people hesitant to book an appointment.

One or two negative reviews won’t break you, especially if you’re responsive and visibly try to correct the mistake. But encouraging good reviews can help even more. A large amount of good reviews with testimonials inspires a lot of confidence in the public.

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