What it Takes to Run a Successful Dental Marketing Campaign

The sole point of running a dental marketing campaign is to make sure it’s a success! But what counts as success for marketing purposes doesn’t always coincide with actual success at a practice. At Dental Revenue, our success is your success. We don’t consider marketing efforts a success unless it’s leading to patients showing up at your practice.

Yes, we still track leads and visitors to your site, among other things. But we also track the quality of those leads and if they’re converting into patients. We look at the revenue and growth to your practice that the marketing has brought to you. Many things go into creating a marketing strategy that’s effective on all levels.

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A Website Designed for Conversions

The dental website is the foundation of your dental marketing program. The websites we build are designed to optimize conversions and get patients. We combine our unique Codebase technology with WordPress so that your website grows and changes along with you. You never have to worry about making changes as your practice grows.

Our dedicated copywriters spend hours writing unique content for every dental website we work on. Google prioritizes quality, unique content when they’re ranking sites in search results. All of our content is written with a focus on search engine optimization and getting your website ranking high in results.

Your website should reflect your personality. Custom dental photography and videography engage users to develop an emotional connection with your practice. They can see the environment to expect inside your office. Our sites are simple, fast, and designed to produce conversions. The language and visuals we use connect with viewers.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Paid advertising is still a quality point of marketing. Instead of putting ads in the phone book or newspaper, we put them on Google and search engines. They’re a great way to drive additional traffic from search engines, aside from using SEO techniques. Paid ads usually appear at both the very top and very bottom of search engine pages.

We can help you determine a budget that’s competitive for the market you’re in and the services you’re looking to bring in patients for. This helps get your ads seen by the exact customers that are looking for Invisalign treatment or just a new dentist in general.

Optimizing for Search Engines

SEO is how you get found and raise awareness of your practice across the web. Certain techniques and practices make websites more preferable to search engines than others. We use many different methods, both on your website and off, to get your website seen. Many different things can be done, making it something that can constantly improve.

Social Media Marketing

Social media offers both social networking and paid advertising options for dentists. It allows you to craft a public persona and interact with people in your community. It can open your practice to new audiences that may not be impacted as much by the other forms of marketing. As it continues to develop, social media adds new layers of ways that are beneficial for marketing purposes.

Create a Dental Marketing Partnership With Dental Revenue

The relationship we have with our clients is a true partnership. Our goal is the same as yours – to make sure you have a growing, thriving practice. Call us or schedule a demo online to get started!

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