Convert More Leads Into New Dental Patients

Getting leads and calls to your practice is great, but you want to be converting them to actual patients in your practice. Your entire front desk staff should know the best techniques to take leads and move on them properly. With the proper training and techniques, your staff can become pros at getting patients into lead generation

Utilize Lead Tracking

If you aren’t tracking your leads and how they’re converting, there’s no way you’re really understanding the kinds of leads you’re getting. With Dental Revenue, we offer lead tracking so that you can review leads and their quality. Listen to calls and see how your staff is handling them too. 

Lead tracking allows you to average out how many leads you’re getting each month and what they’re for. The data allows you to determine if you have an adequate number of employees for tracking leads. You’ll know exactly how many you’re getting and if you need to allot money to more marketing for certain procedures.

Determine How Patients Are Contacting Your Practice

Different kinds of patients are going to contact your office in different ways. Emergency clients are going to be calling your office, not waiting for someone to answer their emails. Someone looking for the absolute best dentist for their big smile transformation is probably going to be emailing or using contact forms to find the best choice for them.

Look into the leads you’re getting the most. If you’re wanting to target specific patients and cases, see if you’re getting those kinds of leads coming in. You’ll want to focus your resources on the leads for the cases you want to do. Target the platforms that are bringing in the most promising leads.

Train Staff and Define Their Roles

Each staff member needs clear direction about what their role is for and how they can best contribute to lead conversion. Certain personalities usually have better luck at converting leads. If you have an employee that’s particularly good on the phone, assign them to take on all phone calls. One that’s better with writing may be best for emails and online leads.

You need to be able to trust your front-end staff. Monitor how they’re handling leads and how it’s going. Make sure you emphasize their importance to the practice. If they’re having some difficulty with the lead conversion, determine if it’s something they’re doing, if they’re having a bad day or week, or if they’re just overwhelmed by the volume of leads coming in.

The Lead Converting Process

Dental Revenue offers clients a process to turn your leads into new patients. Our rule to follow is 24, 48, 5, 10, 30.

  1. Unless it’s a weekend, the first follow-up should be an email or call within 24 hours.
  2. Your second follow-up should be a call or email 48 hours after the lead was received.
  3. Follow up again within five days of receiving the lead.
  4. 10 days after the second follow-up, follow up one last time.
  5. After all of this is done, add them to some sort of marketing blast once a month. A rotation makes sure that your name is still in front of them. Email blasts or individual emails and phone calls are ideal to keep patients thinking of your practice.

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