Utilizing Video in Digital Dental Marketing

Content has always been king when it comes to marketing. But the content that rules continues to grow and change. Currently, video is an essential step for your marketing plan. With the rise of platforms like TikTok and Instagram, video is what people are paying attention to. Videos should be present both on your website and on your social media feeds.

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Creating a Connection

You don’t want your site to have stock video. It doesn’t stand out and just makes your practice blend in with every other dental practice out there. Video creates a connection with the visitors to your site. The same stock video as every other site isn’t going to bring patients into your practice. Custom videography is the best way to show off the personality of your practice.

When people are choosing a dentist, they want an environment that they feel comfortable in. They want staff that is personable and make them feel welcome. With custom videography, you give your site visitors a peek inside your practice. They’re able to see the environment and get a feel for what it’s like to be a patient at your office.

You’re able to help direct the videos that are taken. It’s ideal to get videos of patient testimonials, as it’s more engaging for potential patients. They have more impact than the written word of patients can provide. Casual videos taken around your practice while you’re performing exams and other services are like a look behind the scenes, past the reception desk.

Posting Videos On Social Media

Not only is video good for your website, but it’s also great for social media, too. Patient testimonials and other videos are quality content for your YouTube channel. Seeing the reactions of their peers helps potential patients know what they can expect from your office. They trust the words of people that are similar to them, getting procedures they’re thinking about

Expanding your social media offerings to include platforms like TikTok and Instagram can help you target a different demographic. The younger generations focus on platforms like these when they’re looking for new trends and things to try. Creating engaging content and following popular trends help get eyes to your practice.

Looking through the trending tags on these apps can help you target your videos to hit a bigger audience. Discover the most popular tags that are trending in the dental sphere. Find current video trends and see if you can put your unique spin on them. Local hashtags are also great to target potential patients in the neighborhoods surrounding your office.

Bring Video Into Your Dental Marketing Plan

At Dental Revenue, we put together a marketing plan for your specific needs. We’ll work alongside you to utilize video, social media, and other techniques to bring success to your practice. Call us or schedule a demo online to get started.

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