Boost Conversions With Dental Social Media Optimization

Social media is one of the essential ways to market your dental practice. But it’s important to make sure your social media is optimized for conversions. If your profiles aren’t directed to getting new patients, then they’re not an effective marketing tool for your practice. Use these tips to make sure your social media is sending new patients your social media optimization

Fill Out a Complete Profile

To attract patients, you want the most complete, compelling profile possible. If there are gaps in your profile information, you appear less trustworthy to the public. Complete your profile with accurate information. Stay up to date if your hours or location change, that should be updated on your profile immediately. 

Profile and banner photos are extremely important. They’re part of how you draw in people to your site. Use your logo or a headshot of the main dentist as your profile picture. It’s easy to identify when people are looking for your practice. Banner photos should contain people in them, particularly actual patients and staff. Custom photography can give you great shots that are perfect for your banner photo.

Keep the Bio Short and Sweet

No one wants to read a bio section that’s a huge paragraph. That’s going to turn people off. Keep it short but focus it on important parts. Include a link to your website to drive people to schedule an appointment. Write a couple of short, bulleted statements that point to what makes your practice unique. This is what you want to try to highlight the most.

Post the Right Content at the Right Time

The most crucial part of your social media success is the posts you make. Even if your bio and other things are optimized, content is what people are looking for. For Facebook, aim to post around three times a week. For Instagram, around two times. You want to make sure you’re not overwhelming users’ timelines with content so that they’re annoyed, but post enough to keep them engaged and your profile fresh in their minds.

The following kinds of posts are ideal to catch potential patients’ eyes:

  • Patient testimonials
  • Before and after comparisons
  • Fun facts
  • Holiday posts
  • Unique offerings at your practice
  • Giveaways

Not only can these options show off the quality of work you do, but they can also give insight into your personality. The environment of your practice is something that people want to know. It’s the best way for them to determine if your practice is the right fit. Social media is a great way to put a personal touch on your practice.

Turn On Auto-Reply

With social media, users expect quick responses. Keep your response time up as high as possible by setting up auto-replies. You can customize the reply messages that will be sent to people contacting you on Facebook Messenger or in your Instagram messages. It lets them know that you received the message and will get back to you as soon as you can.

Your response rate is something that’s tracked on both of these services. You can see the percentage listed and know how you’re doing. Auto-replies keep this number high and make potential patients feel valued because they get a response right away.

Social Media Marketing With Dental Revenue

Utilize social media to bring in new patients and new demographics to your dental practice. Call Dental Revenue or request a demo online so you can see what the right marketing partnership can do for your practice.

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