Everything You Need to Know About Instagram for Dentists

As technology continues to grow and change, so do the most effective ways to market your practice. Increasingly, visual mediums like Instagram and TikTok are some of the most popular apps in use right now. Short videos are eye-catching and addictive, making users more likely to binge-watch short video clips.

Instagram helps you target a user base that can be hard for a dental practice to reach – the younger generations. They’re more likely to use Instagram than Facebook, and are less likely to interact with traditional advertising. Not utilizing Instagram means you’re neglecting a very useful tool to target new patients for your practice

Everything You Need to Know About Instagram for Dentists

Instagram Users Engage With Brands

Because of the way ads and branded content are shown, users are more likely to engage and interact with them. Many users follow brands and are looking for more brands to follow if they like their content. Their engagement numbers are higher than those on other social media platforms. If your brand’s content fits in well with what they like, they’ll want to see more.

Create An Appealing Profile

For starters, make sure all of the personal information is filled out for your profile. Patients need to know about you and where to find your practice. Use a profile picture that’s a logo or the main dentist at your practice. Making the name of the practice or the dentist the username on the account makes it easier for people to find you and connect with the practice.

In your description, make sure to include a link to your website. Viewers can go there to learn more and inquire about appointments. List traits and values that make you unique in the dental field, something that’ll appeal to viewers. Utilize bullet points and don’t get too wordy. Emojis also help make the description more visual and eye-catching.

Use Hashtags Correctly

When done right, hashtags are great for visibility. You don’t need millions of hashtags on a post, but you need to make the ones you do use count. Location-based hashtags are particularly useful for dentists. You want to target the people that are in the community of your office. Industry-based hashtags help to target the things people are searching for in the dental sphere.

Other hashtags have a broader appeal. Fun and trendy hashtags are great to jump onto because they’re getting a lot of viewers. Find ways to make your content fit in with hashtags like #TBT. Regularly following hashtags and seeing the content others are posting helps you to know what’s popular for future posts.

Utilize Instagram Stories

One of the most popular features of Instagram is the Stories feature. These snippets show up for 24 hours and are a great way to boost engagement. Instagram Stories has stickers that you can use to both spice up your post and encourage users to interact with it.

Poll stickers and emoji slider stickers directly ask for involvement from viewers. Polls can be used to see what kind of content people want to see next, as well as get opinions about oral health views. Emoji sliders allow users to slide to how much they like the content. This also helps you to know what kind of content people want to see.

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