Building a Strong Online Presence For Your Dental Practice

Your online presence is extremely important for the status of your practice. Increasingly, patients are turning to the internet to find their new dentist. They turn to the internet to see whether you’re a reputable dentist and that you have good reviews. Make sure you’re showing patients what they want to see when they scour the web.

Get a Professional Dental Website

When people find your website, it should be modern, engaging, and easy to navigate. If someone lands on your site and sees something straight from the early 00s, they’re going to discredit you immediately. Custom photography and videography go a long way to making your site stand out from all the others. Show your personality and the atmosphere of your office so people can see if it’s a good fit.

Take Reviews Seriously

Reviews can make or break your dental practice. Negative reviews or a lack of reviews entirely flag you as a practice that should maybe be avoided. Actively encourage your patients to leave reviews, especially if they’ve expressed a lot of gratitude. Handing out review reminder postcards as patients leave makes them more likely to remember to actually leave a review.

Monitor the reviews that are being left, too. If you’re getting negative reviews, take the time to address the reviewer. Offer to fix the problem or talk to them about what you can do better next time. Showing the initiative to correct mistakes is a positive thing for potential new patients to see.

Utilize Google Business Profile

When people are searching on the internet, it’s a safe bet that they’re doing it through Google. A Google Business Profile gives potential patients all the info they need to know about your practice. Make sure that it’s updated with pictures, accurate hours, and website links, and monitor it daily.

Because it’s a public profile, other people can make changes to it. Check your profile frequently to see if any changes made are inaccurate. It’s crucial that the information found here is stuff that people can rely on. If they call the wrong phone number or show up at the wrong address, it’s likely that you’ve lost their future business.

Embrace Social Media

Social media is a great way for you to get your name and business out there. It’s also one of the easiest ways to interact with patients and potential patients. Answer their questions and comment when they post on your page. It’s encouraging when people see that you’re responsive and talk with the public.

TikTok and Instagram are the future of dental marketing. Short video clips are extremely watchable and keep viewers scrolling for longer amounts of time. They’re easy to produce and help get your name and practice out there. All it takes is one TikTok that goes viral, and your practice gets on the map not only locally, but nationally.

Get the Most Out of Your Dental Marketing

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