Is TikTok the Future of Dental Marketing?

As technology continues to advance, the most effective forms of marketing continue to change. TikTok has been taking the world by storm as the most popular app in some time, particularly among the younger generation. Staying up to date with these latest trends ensures you continue to market your dental practice effectively.tiktok for dentists

What is TikTok?

Originally, TikTok started off as a platform where users could make and view short music videos. After it was bought out, it became something like the successor to Vine. Users make videos that are 15-60 seconds long. TikTok is popular for launching dance trends and many videos are set to music. But that’s not all you’ll find on the platform.

Short videos are proven to be engaging and addictive to watchers. They watch one after the other and encourage binge-watching. TikTok helps you engage with a new audience. If you’re good at making solid content, there’s a good chance you’re going to get a decent number of eyes on your practice.

The Benefits of TikTok for Dentists

More eyes on an app mean more eyes that have a chance to discover your dental practice. It has billions of app downloads. While they’re mostly Gen Z, it’s becoming more and more popular with other generations. Gen Z is also extremely engaged and aging into a generation that’s going to need to find their own dental practice.

Like Twitter, TikTok utilizes hashtags for local trending content. Local visibility is extremely important for dental practices. Unless your practice focuses on dental tourism, you’re looking to target local citizens as patients. Even if they don’t need a dentist right now, you’re building relationships with individuals in your community.

Another great feature is the For You page. Users land on this first when they open the app. The app curates content that it thinks you’ll enjoy based on your previous activity. If a patient is looking into dental services like porcelain veneers or dental implants to see what they look like, that’s a great opportunity for one of your videos to pop up.

Creating Dental Content

Reaction Videos

Testimonials are alright, but reaction videos are even better. Users get an unfiltered look at a patient’s reaction to the services you did for them. It’s a real reaction instead of a testimonial that people prepare for the camera.

Before and After Videos

Just like a before and after smile gallery, before and after videos show users just how transformative your services can be. It’s easy to gain the trust of new patients and can help bring people into your office for the same kind of treatment.

Did You Know Videos

Dentistry is full of little tidbits and factoids that most people probably don’t know. There’s a whole section of TikTok dedicated to facts and people learning more about the world around them. Simple facts or important information are useful to a lot of people. And if they’re learning from you, they’ll remember you in the future when they need dental care.

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