How to Promote Your Dental Practice on Facebook

As little as five or ten years ago, social media marketing probably wouldn’t have even been a thought for a dental practice. But in the age of technology, it’s important to utilize platforms like Facebook to bring in the new patients you need.

At Dental Revenue, we’re with you every step of the way throughout your dental marketing journey. We offer social media marketing services so that you can target the unique audience that’s on Facebook. dental marketing on facebook

Providing Accurate Information

Just like with your dental website, it all starts with making sure the information you’re providing is correct. Your Facebook page has to be a trustworthy source for patients to get information about your practice. Ensure that the hours are accurate, the address is right, and that potential patients can easily contact you from your Facebook page.

Keeping The Audience Engaged

If you’re trying to get new patients through your door, it’s important that you’re keeping people’s eyes on your practice. This means that you want to have regular new, fresh content that’s going to attract attention. At least one post a month should be made to make sure you’re showing up in the timelines of potential clients.

The stories feature on Facebook is another good way to keep things fresh. Stories can provide a fun look into your practice. You can do a Q&A, a tour of your office can be featured, and more. They’re a great way to build engagement and get people interacting with your practice instead of just looking at posts.

Personalized Content For Your Brand

Facebook is an awesome opportunity to help show off the personality of you and your practice. The Facebook audience isn’t looking for sterile, rigid medical content. They want to see what the environment is like inside your practice. You can come off as an authority in dentistry, while still showing off what makes your dental team fun and unique.

You don’t want to produce content that looks identical to another practice. Our social media marketing offerings ensure that no content is duplicated or templated. We want to make sure we’re fitting your personal brand and the image that you want people to have of your practice.

Utilizing Images And Videos

Especially on social media, people aren’t going to want to read through a lengthy plain text post. Images and videos are what draw people in. If you want to provide information, an eye-catching infographic can do the trick. Bios on your staff or patient testimonials on video can also be interesting ways for people to be drawn in to learn more about your practice.

Boosting Crucial Posts

Boosting a post helps to expand the reach of that post and bring in more people. A boosted post gives you analytics so you can see how the post performed. You’re also able to target a certain type of people, focusing on the client base that you want to attract. We can help you choose standout posts to boost that are the most ideal to get attention.

Your Dental Marketing Strategy

Get a true marketing partner for your dental practice, not just a firm with a list of services. From Facebook marketing to dental websites, we’ll help you build your brand. Call us or schedule a demo online!

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