Why are Backlinks Important in Dental SEO?

When we’re helping clients craft a quality dental SEO strategy, backlinks are always a part of it. Having quality, trusted backlinks to your site helps your site rank higher on various web pages. But how do backlinks work and why are they necessary to include in your SEO plan? Dental Revenue, a full-service dental marketing firm, explains.backlinks for dental seo

What are Backlinks?

You may also know backlinks as inbound links or incoming links. A backlink is built when content on another website contains a link to a page on your website. Backlinks contribute to your site ranking higher on search engines, as the search engines consider backlinks to be like votes for your website from these other sites.

These sites are telling Google and other search engines that your site has valuable content that’s useful for potential readers. Throughout the many changes and updates with Google, backlinks have remained a crucial factor throughout it all. They’re still highly considered when Google is ranking web pages.

Not All Backlinks Are The Same

By definition, backlinks sound like they could be pretty easy. You just find a bunch of sites to post your links on. But not all backlinks are the same for your dental SEO strategy. Links coming from spammy, untrustworthy websites are going to harm your ranking rather than help it. This is why it’s crucial to avoid using things like automated link-building tools.

At Dental Revenue, we do research on every link-building site that we use. We make sure that they’re reputable sites that have high domain authority. We want to make sure that we’re using the best sites and getting your site ranking as high as possible on search engines.

Our backlink sites are also tailored to your industry. While we have reputable sites that are more general, we also target ones that are specifically for the dental industry. Google puts more value on links that come from a site that has content geared toward dentistry.

Links are more powerful if they’re from a site that hasn’t linked to your site before. Multiple links on the same site aren’t as good for your site as links on multiple sites. We do our best to make sure the link anchor text used is for specific keywords that you want your site to rank for.

Backlinks And Dental SEO Strategy With Dental Revenue

Building backlinks is just one part of the dental SEO techniques Dental Revenue offers. We’re continuously learning and making sure we’re up to date on the best ways to make sure your site ranks well. As Google changes, we update our services to make sure we change with it.

Your dedicated dental marketing advisor and the Dental Revenue Dashboard will help you see the impacts of backlinking and other SEO tasks. Your success is our success. Call us today or schedule a demo online to get started with Dental Revenue!

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