Integrating Email And Social Media Marketing for Dentists

There’s a lot of information out there pitting email marketing and social media marketing against each other. But you don’t have to just choose one option. Email and social media marketing both target specific types of people. Using them together gives you a dynamic approach to maximize the patients coming into your office.

At Dental Revenue, we consider your success our success. We help you every step of the way in your marketing journey, making sure we employ the best strategy for your specific practice. Oftentimes, this means a combination of social media and email marketing as part of your plan

Email and social media for dentists

Email Marketing for Dentists

There are two different types of email marketing. First, in a similar way to social media marketing, you can target patients of a certain demographic. If there’s a certain type of patient that you want to see in your office more, an email list can be targeted to these kinds of patients.

Second, emails can go out to your current patients. Many dentists come to us and tell us that word-of-mouth referrals are still a big part of how they get new patients into their practice. Consider this type of email marketing to partly be the digital version of that.

Your current patient base is a great resource for new cases. If they’re happy about your work, they’ll pass your email on to their friends or family. They may also be reminded of certain services you offer. Maybe you have some patients that have been back and forth on teeth whitening. A quality email can be the thing that prompts them to come into your office to have it done.

At Dental Revenue, we help you to create unique, eye-catching marketing materials to be sent out in your emails. Plain, all-text emails aren’t going to catch the eye of anyone scrolling through their inbox. You want to make sure they’re engaged and keep looking through the email you sent.

Dental Social Media Marketing

Social media is one of the best ways to reach people. Most of the people you know probably have a Facebook and/or Instagram account. Dental Revenue offers social media marketing plans that can utilize both of these social media services.

For social media marketing, we want to help you establish brand awareness and keep your practice in the minds of potential patients. Social media is algorithms of constantly refreshing content, so you want to make sure you’re posting regularly, but not enough that it seems like spam. The Stories feature is also a good way to boost engagement with your practice.

When we post on social media for clients, we never use templates. Each of your social media posts is crafted uniquely and based on the branding of your practice. This helps you to target the demographic you’re looking for and make sure it fits in with the rest of your presence on the web.

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