5 Ways To Turn Website Traffic Into Dental Patients

Seeing a lot of traffic coming to your dental website is always exciting. But it’s a different story if you’re realizing that the boost in traffic isn’t leading to more patients through your office doors. Website traffic doesn’t mean anything unless your practice is seeing the direct results.

Dental Revenue is a full-service dental marketing agency that’s with you every step of the way during your marketing journey. Below, we highlight some of the best ways for you to turn the interest in your website into new patients.

5 Ways To Turn Website Traffic Into Dental Patients

1. Have a Website Designed for Conversions

Your site has to be appealing to viewers so that they stay longer on your site than just a glance. This means having a design that’s fast, easy to use, and engaging. When we build dental websites, the layout is organized to push conversions. Contact info and schedule appointment buttons are strategically placed to catch the eye of viewers.

2. Highlight Patient Reviews

When people are looking for a new dentist, patient reviews are one of the first things they’re looking for. If your practice has low ratings or few of them, it can make your practice come off in a negative light. They want to know what their peers think of your services.

Using custom dental videography can boost engagement extremely. Video testimonials stick in a viewer’s mind more than just textual ones. Hand out Google review postcards to pleased patients and ask them to leave reviews about your care. You can feature the views in various sections of your website.

3. Don’t Ignore the Data

The amount of data you get from your website can be overwhelming. But it’s important that you’re analyzing it and realizing what it means. With Dental Revenue, you get a dental marketing advisor to help you wade through this information and know exactly what it means for your practice.

The data tracked on your website can show you what’s working and what isn’t. If certain pages aren’t performing well, we can make changes to get them back on track. Your success is our success, and we want to make sure your website is at its very best.

4. Answer Patient Questions

There are basic things patients are looking for when they’re on your website. They want information about you and your practice, what your hours are, and where you’re located.

But they also want to know about the services you offer and what they can expect from said services. This helps them make sure you have the services they’re looking for and an environment that’s right for them.

5. Have Quality Original Content

People don’t want to see the same cookie-cutter information that’s on every other dental website. They want unique, engaging content that helps them learn something new.

At Dental Revenue, our dedicated copywriting team spends hours creating original content for your site. Most of our plans also include a monthly blog, ensuring fresh content is on your site regularly.

Perfect Your Website With Dental Revenue

We want to make sure that you have a website that’s getting you quality patients for the services you want to perform. Call us or schedule a demo online to learn more about what Dental Revenue can do for your practice.

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