How Online Reviews Affect Your Dental Practice

There are many different components when you’re building your dental marketing strategy. Online reviews are one of these components. But just how much do online reviews have an impact on your dental practice?

At Dental Revenue, we’re a full-service marketing agency that helps you with every step of your marketing strategy, including online reviews. We help you generate quality reviews that help patients make the decision to go with your dental reviews for dental marketing

Influencing Decisions

When people are searching for a new product, service, or business, online reviews are one of the first things they turn to. Online reviews are seen as an unbiased form of information because they’re written by actual people and patients. People want to see the opinions of other people that are like them.

In many ways, this is a modern form of referrals coming by word of mouth. It’s like someone is hearing something good about your dental practice from a friend or family member. It’s a good thing when a patient comes into your practice and says they’re there because of your good reviews.

Helping Your Practice Rank

If you have quality reviews, Google will also help boost your ranking on their search engine. This helps you both get more reviews, and more patients. Google gives more weight to sites that are dedicated to reviews, and, of course, especially Google reviews. At Dental Revenue, we target Google reviews as the most successful form for our clients.

The quantity of reviews also matters. It’s important to have a consistent stream of reviews coming in. While the average star number of your reviews definitely makes a difference, it doesn’t have as good of an impact if the reviews are all outdated. Reviews from the past few months are crucial for your practice.

Boosting Your Online Reviews With Dental Revenue

In addition to assisting you with all other aspects of your dental marketing plan, we’re hands-on with your online reviews as well. One of the things we offer is Google review postcards. These are customized for your practice, making sure they highlight the unique benefits that your practice offers.

These can be handed out to patients after they receive treatment at your practice. We also help you with a guide to help you know who to ask for a review. You want them to be trusted people that you know are happy with your service. For instance, if you do a beautiful smile makeover for a patient. A smile makeover can change a person’s life!

We also provide resources for you to help your patients learn how to write reviews. Particularly with older patients, they may be willing to put in a good word for you, but don’t know how to do it on their mobile device or computer.

Reviews need to be monitored and kept up with. If you have issues with untrue or negative reviews, our dedicated Search Engine Optimization specialist will work to help you make sure your reviews are accurate and helpful for your dental practice.

It’s time to make sure you’re using reviews to help business for your dental practice. Call us or schedule a demo online to get started!

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