Why A Mobile-Friendly Website Is A Must

There are a lot of things that factor into dental website design. You want to make sure it gives off the vibe you want for your office, make sure it has crucial info, and it has to be easy for people to use. One of the most important features of your dental website design is to ensure that it’s mobile-friendly. Dental Revenue, a dental marketing agency, explains why a mobile-friendly website is so important for your dental practice.

Users Want Sites to be Mobile-Friendly

While many people still access the internet with traditional methods like laptops and desktop computers, more and more use their smartphones as their primary way to access the internet. Smartphones allow us to get the information we’re looking for as soon as possible, even if we’re on the go.

Your dental website needs to allow people to find information easily, whether they’re using a smartphone or a computer. If they need to quickly find out the hours you’re open or schedule an appointment, you want to make sure they can do that on any platform. Potential patients may actually leave your website if they can’t easily access it with whatever device they desire to use.

It’s Better For Google’s Algorithms

Using dental SEO and other strategies, part of our program is ensuring that your site is ranking as well as it can on Google. This gives you another reason to ensure you have mobile-friendly content. Google wants their search results to be beneficial for the majority of the public — and most of the public is now using a smartphone to make those Google searches.

Both the layout and content of your website should be optimized for mobile users. The better it is at this, the better your site can rank when your targeted keywords are searched. Even when people are using a desktop computer to search, Google will rank mobile-friendly sites higher than they will others.

Mobile-Friendly Content is Easier to Share

Sharing your website or its contents is a great way to get more patients through the door. But it’s a bit harder to do that on a desktop than it is on a smartphone. Whether people are texting a link to your website or sharing a blog post on social media, smartphones make it easy. People want to be able to both share and look at things that have been shared quickly.

Potential Patients Can Contact You Quickly

One of the best things about a mobile-friendly website is that you can make it easier for patients to contact you. Your phone number on your website can be made clickable so that people can call you right away. They can easily fill out a contact form or send you an email if those options are available on your website as well.

Perfect Your Dental Website Design

At Dental Revenue, we bring over 40 years of combined dental marketing experience to the table. We’ll make sure your dental website design is mobile-friendly and appealing to the public. To get started with our program, call us or schedule a demo today!

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