The Difference Custom Photography Can Make

When you’re developing a dental website, the usual route that’s made is using stock photography and videography. But using custom dental photography and videography on your site can make all the difference in attracting new patients to your practice. Dental Revenue brings over 40 years of combined experience in dental marketing to the table. Below, we explain how custom photography and videography can boost your website design.

The Benefits of Custom Dental Photography/Videography

We always recommend using custom imagery for your website to set your website design above the typical crowd. While stock photography is good, it doesn’t stand out compared to the competition. People perceive it as the stock photos they see all the time, and they scan right over them.

When you use custom imagery, potential patients take notice. It gives them an idea of your personality and the environment inside your office. This can be really enticing for patients. If they have a fear of the dentist, this can help put them at ease. They can see that you have a warm, welcoming environment that they can feel safe in. Custom imagery gives people an emotional connection to your business.

In analyzing the benefits of custom dental imagery, Dental Revenue has noticed that the engagement with your dental website goes up and bounceback rates are lower. People are more likely to stay on your site and click through your services when you have custom images and videos. It’s engaging to see things they know are real instead of stiff stock imagery.

Patient Testimonial Videos and Smile Galleries

Another good thing to have on your dental website is patient testimonial videos. It’s important for potential patients to hear about the quality of your care from the mouths of people that have actually experienced it. While posting Google reviews or written testimonials is good, video takes it the next step forward. Not only are people hearing testimonials about your business, but they’re seeing the results of your work in the smiles of the patients giving the testimonials.

Smile galleries are another good area to show off your work. People often respond best to visual things. Smile galleries usually show the before and after for patients at your practice. It’s really impactful to see someone that has a very rough smile get one that’s beautiful. It shows that you can produce quality dental work and how pleased patients are with your care.

Custom Imagery With Dental Revenue

If you’re interested in custom dental photography or videography for your site, we can help. We want to help you meet the three stages of marketing: creating awareness of you and your brand, connecting with patients, and converting the sale. We’re ready to take your dental website to the next level. Call us or schedule a demo online to learn more!

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