Including SEO in Your Dental Marketing Strategy

At Dental Revenue, we offer the tools and expertise to provide you with a complete dental marketing strategy. Your marketing plan doesn’t just consist of advertising or making sure you have a solid website. With the domination of the Internet, advanced SEO is crucial to making sure people are seeing your practice when they’re looking for a new dentist or procedures you specialize in. Below are reasons why you need advanced SEO to be a component of your marketing marketing

What is Advanced SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. The main focus of SEO is to boost the ranking of your website on search engines in order to make sure your practice is seen. Using various methods and techniques, our SEO team works to get your practice to the top of the rankings organically. It’s a crucial step to create awareness, the first stage of marketing achievement.

It Brings In Local and Industry-Specific Traffic

With our advanced dental SEO experience, we’ll work to improve your rankings both in your local area and for specialized dental keywords. When people are searching for specific dental services in your area, we want to help make your practice the first thing they see. Whether it’s writing blog posts themed around certain services or tagging images with appropriate text, we’re always working to get your page ranked higher.

More Website Traffic and More Conversions

Not only does SEO give you more website traffic, but it also gives you the right kind of website traffic. Your website is optimized around certain keywords and topics that are relevant to your business and the kind of patients you’re trying to attract. Because of this, you’re more likely to turn those visitors into new patients if they’re visiting your site. They’re looking for the services that you provide and are more likely to call or fill out your online form.

Organic Search is the Choice Method

Google and other search engines are most likely the way people are finding your website. The bulk of your website traffic probably comes from people that have found you using a search engine. This is why it’s so important to make sure you have good rankings in preferred keywords. You want to be sure you come out near the top of the list, as your website is less likely to be viewed the farther down it is in the results.

Performance Both On and Off the Website

Advanced SEO strategy involves things that are both on and off your actual site. On your site, content is key. We make sure that you have unique content that’s fresh and optimized. The site is tagged and coded properly, and images are optimized.

But your site isn’t the only thing that factors into your SEO performance. It’s necessary to have backlinking and to be listed in local listings and directories that are specific to your industry. On top of that, social media marketing and optimizing your Google My Business listing can help to complete your SEO strategy.

Dental Marketing With Dental Revenue

As a marketing firm that’s focused specifically on the dental industry, we know what works when it comes to your dental marketing strategy. With a combined 40 years of dental industry experience, we create a partnership with you to create a strategy to succeed. Ready to get started? Call us or schedule a demo online!

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