Dental SEO: Building Blocks for Online Marketing

When will I see results from my dental marketing? This is a common question from new clients and one that has a unique answer for each program. The short answer is that SEO takes time to implement and build upon, especially if problems were created with a previous marketing agency or program. But done correctly by an experienced dental marketing team, it will help you to grow your online presence and to generate the web traffic and leads you need to build your practice.

There is a range of factors that impact the ranking of your website and the effects of a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. For new clients, we perform a baseline analysis to assess current online marketing health before moving forward with our Performance Program. We take a strategic approach to your marketing and the establishment of a solid foundation is important for setting both benchmarks and expectations.

Dental SEO: Building Blocks for Online Marketing

The Building Blocks of Dental SEO

A highly successful and stable dental marketing program is built over time and predicated on a solid dental website. Dental Revenue has over a decade of experience developing dental websites that are built to perform on the web and support the achievement of your marketing goals. Your website serves as the foundation for our ongoing marketing services which includes SEO for dentists. Without an SEO strategy, your website and online presence are like a floating boat without a paddle.

The key factors that influence rankings and are a part of our dental SEO strategy include:

  • Unique dental website content and internal page linking
  • Tagging and meta-data for all aspects of your website
  • Image optimization
  • Listings and backlinks
  • Responsive code
  • Domain authority and UX
  • Core web vitals
  • Your local market and competition

The Dental Revenue team understands how each of these factors affects the performance of your website and marketing program and how they can be developed and utilized to leverage the best possible results. Our team analyzes your local market so that we understand what it will take to compete and create awareness in your community. We educate our clients on the phases of dental marketing and how your program is progressing, providing both advice and guidance on how best to spend your marketing dollars for a return on your investment over time. The Dental Revenue Dashboard makes all of this transparent, providing real-time access to how your website is performing and engaging visitors.

Dental SEO that is strategically evolved and refined over time, using appropriate tools is the key to a strong and successful marketing program. We don’t promise results that we can’t deliver. Our goal is to help you develop both an understanding of where your current online marketing presence stands and what it will take to achieve your specific business growth goals. We consider ourselves your marketing partner with an equally invested interest in your long-term success. Our account management team is committed to helping you identify the right mix of services at each stage of your marketing program.

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