Marketing During Uncertain Times

The ongoing COVID-19 outbreak and changing government policies have caused many of our clients to temporarily close their practices or only see emergency cases. This is stressful for both the dentist, their staff and patients who are in need of dental care and unsure of when they can return to their local practitioner.

Why Maintain Your Online Marketing?

An important part of a successful dental practice is a healthy online marketing program. While this may not be a focus during these difficult times, it will play a role in the re-emergence of dental practices, especially in hard-hit areas which are also highly competitive markets. Dental Revenue has been diligently working with our clients on an individual basis to assess and manage their budgetary needs while maintaining overall online health. Our goal is to be a partner in your efforts to maintain the integrity of your dental healthcare business so that you can “hit the ground running” once normalcy begins to return. It is our hope that dentists and doctors will be one of the first types of businesses to be able to reopen- and that our clients will be busy with both current and new patients seeking treatment.
Why keep up your online presence and marketing strategy?

    • Consistency can equal stability when it comes to the perception of both search engines and your patients.
    • Visibility is important for your dental practice and your website serves as a representation of that business while your doors are closed.
    • Maintaining your online presence and rankings with a targeted approach and budget adjustments are ultimately less expensive than a complete reboot when things begin to normalize.

Dental Revenue continues to monitor the data points of our clients’ marketing programs and most are experiencing strong rankings, with many seeing a boost in rankings as local competitors abandon online marketing. If a potential patient is looking shopping online for a treatment plan or smile makeover in the future or if they are in need of emergency dental care, a top spot in rankings can help you maintain or even grow your business during current conditions.

Observe, Evaluate and Adapt: Tele-Dentistry & COVID-19

virtual dentistry for dental websiteThe team at Dental Revenue is paying close attention to how the effects of COVID-19 are impacting markets, our clients and the behavior of patients. We may begin to see a noticeable shift in dentistry towards virtual consults for a variety of needs and reasons:

      • Patient is sick
      • Seeking a second opinion
      • Concerns over continuing viral exposure
      • Patient has mobility or transportation issues but wants to pursue restorative or cosmetic dental treatments

We are actively working on solutions for the changing environment and possible changes in the future for dental practices. We are offering the opportunity to create a virtual dentistry aspect of your practice to manage a temporary office closure and to build in new avenues for attracting patients in the future. Dental Revenue is committed to the business goals of our clients. Helping you grow your practice through relevant and targeted marketing both online and offline will support the long term growth and stability of your dental practice.

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