COVID-19: Marketing Services Available During This Pause in Business

Virtual Consultations

During this time, it is imperative to continue open communication with your patients, especially regarding emergencies. Due to this, we may begin to see a noticeable shift in dentistry towards virtual consults for a variety of needs and reasons. Not only will virtual consults provide a powerful tool for reducing transmission of the disease, it can also offer a unique opportunity to connect with your patients more personally during this difficult time.

To see an example of of virtual dentistry on one of our client websites, click the link below:

Website Upgrades

As many people have more free time on their hands than they once did, it is likely that they will be using this time on their phone or devices, researching that procedure that they were considering before this pandemic. Use this time as an opportunity to improve brand awareness.

In today’s digital world, your dental website is the online representation of your brand. Since software and SEO techniques change over time, we recommend that ALL clients keep their Performance Platform updated (we recommend that sites should NOT be more than 3 years old).
Features of a Website Upgrade:

  • Improved HTML code for faster loading and improved Google rankings
  • Updated content and SEO tags that increase organic rankings and traffic
  • Enhanced mobile views and navigation
  • Expanded interior page layouts that convert more PPC traffic into Conversions
  • Design upgrades that convert more traffic into Connections

SEO Services

Another very important piece of improving brand awareness is utilizing SEO Services. Once your practice is re-open and patients begin to search the web again, it is extremely important that your website is easily found amongst the competition in your area.

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