COVID-19: Managing Changes to Google Listings

dental practice marketing and SEODental Revenue is committed to the online health of our clients during the coronavirus outbreak and quarantines nationwide. Although many are home, they are also in front of their computers and it is important to maintain your visibility to remain positioned for the return to normal in the coming weeks. Your Account Manager is available to discuss your current needs, concerns or strategic changes that can serve this purpose for you and your practice. Please feel free to contact us at any time.

Maintaining Your Online Dental Marketing During Coronavirus

The COVID-19 pandemic restrictions are impacting the Google workforce, most of whom are located in California which has instituted some of the most stringent regulations due to the many cases statewide. This has forced Google to make some temporary edits to how they manage their daily operations including the Google My Business listings and Google reviews. For the most part, this is benefiting your marketing program by preventing consumers from posting reviews of any kind at this time. Google is pausing this service in order to protect against misinformation during a time when inaccurate or false reviews, accusations or data could affect so many. This service will resume once normal conditions are restored.
The SEO team at Dental Revenue is working closely with Account Management to help our clients maintain up-to-date and relevant information on their dental websites during a time when this marketing tool is serving as a digital representation of their practice. We are not able to update business hours and changes on the GMB listing directly but our team is able to create a new Google Post within your business listing for this information.
As our communities transition to an at-home environment, the internet has become important for maintaining all types of communication. This includes planning for the resurgence of our normal daily routines in the coming weeks. The ability for potential patients to find you on the web can play an important role in helping you attract new patients when current quarantines are lifted.
We will continue to monitor changes that will affect your dental marketing program throughout the coronavirus pandemic. We are here to support you and your practice with the goal of promoting your online presence for the resurgence of business once things return to a more normal routine.

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