Help Your Staff Help You- Converting Phone Leads

Are you looking to get more out of your marketing investment?
Having a well-trained staff that can successfully convert a phone call into a new patient can help you maximize your dental marketing investment. Taking a few simple steps to improve your staff’s phone presence could lead to more revenue. The Dental Revenue Conversion Coach program helps to track incoming phone calls to your dental practice. Our team listens and analyzes hundreds of calls in order to provide constructive feedback that can help improve your front desk teams phone conversion skills.

Land more patients in your dental chair with these tips and tricks:
  • Introduce Yourself
    Did you know that on nearly 40% of the calls that our team analyzes the staff member forgets to introduce themselves? A simple introduction can set the tone for the call, making your dental practice more approachable and can help potential patients feel more engaged.
  • Set The Tone
    The tone of your front desk team member’s voice is critical to setting the mood of the phone call and the patient’s initial experience with your practice. Make sure your staff is smiling while they talk, the potential patient can hear the cheer and will help build a warm and welcoming feeling about your dental practice before they ever step foot in your office.
  • Establish Purpose
    Have your staff determine why the potential patient is calling within the first few seconds of the call. Keeping the call focused on the patient’s specific needs can help speed up the call and make the patient feel heard and understood. Consider practicing some prepared remarks with your team. While we do not advocate scripts, having some standard, well thought out answers to questions about insurance or pricing can help your staff be more successful securing new patients.
  • Create Rapport & Express Empathy
    Empathy and rapport make your dental practice more approachable. Many patients feel anxious when considering a new dentist. Having an empathetic staff that works to connect on a personal level with patients can help you stand above your competition.
  • Always Ask For An Appointment
    Do not let any phone call end without asking to schedule an appointment. You would be surprised how many calls we analyze that end in silence. Do not let potential leads slip away, but make sure your staff follow ups at the end of the call with an invitation to set an appointment.
  • Reach Out, Follow Up- Online Submissions
    Do not forget about potential patients who choose to make contact through the internet. Be sure your staff knows to track and follow up with all emails and website form submissions daily. To increase lead conversions from online submissions Dental Revenue recommends following the “5 touch follow up”.
  • 5 Touch Follow Up Process
    Call them back ASAP
    Call 24 hours after the first contact
    Call 48 hours after the second contact
    Call one week after the third contact
    Periodic calls to fill schedule

    Multi Level Marketing For Lead Generation

    Dental Revenue offers next level web marketing through comprehensive innovative marketing modules. Our team works to lay the foundation for your dental marketing platform and offers additional support services to help grow your dental practice. To learn more about the website and marketing packages we offer, click here to schedule a demo.