Is Your Domain Expired?

Our team regularly answers this question for clients who have erroneously received an email or other types of correspondence claiming that their unique domain name is expiring and their website may disappear. A mild scare tactic, it often leaves a client wondering if this could happen and how to manage their domain name to avoid a problem.
What happens if your domain expires?
Depending on the registrar, there is a grace period of up to 30 days before the domain is allowed to be purchased by another business or individual. If you renew after expiration but before the grace period has ended, there is typically an extra fee associated with the renewal. Losing a domain name that is an integral part of your business marketing due to a renewal oversight can be both costly and detrimental.
We have you covered!
At Dental Revenue, we provide 360-degree dental marketing services for you and your practice, including domain and web hosting services for year-round peace of mind. From annual renewals to managing DNS issues and other concerns, we take care of the details so you can focus on taking care of your dental business.

The Importance of Domain Names

An important step in establishing your online presence as a dentist, a domain name will become your “address” on the web that people will use to visit your website. Common choices for domain names are practice name, your name, and location based domain names. If you do not already have one, our team will work with you to choose a domain name that meets your needs. Your domain name can be purchased through Go Daddy and other companies who are accredited domain name registrars.
Your domain name is your online “calling card” and what people will have to remember when choosing to search for your website as a repeat visitor. The internet is the hub of marketing for today’s businesses and a domain name is the first level of branding your dental practice. It will also appear in your print marketing and can be used to as the foundation upon which to build your brand throughout all types of media.
When hosting your unique domain name with Dental Revenue, your online address is secure and protected. We have you covered!
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