Stages of Online Achievement

Dental Revenue is a premier online marketing company working exclusively within the dental industry. We understand the challenges dentists face in a competitive market and help dental practices find qualified patients to generate revenue through a comprehensive multi-tiered online marketing program.

How To Achieve Online Success

Improving your web presence is key in attracting new, high value patients that will drive revenue. Dental Revenue works to build your dental practice and online brand to outperform the competition. Understanding how clients ultimately choose to visit your dental practice can help you understand the importance of Dental Revenue’s marketing package.

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  1. Search Stage
    When potential patients have a toothache, need a dental implant, or are looking for a cosmetic dentist in their area, they begin their search for a great local dentist. Online searches are now the primary way patients find a new dentist.
    Dental Revenue creates original SEO driven content making your dental website highly visible in online searches. Our dental websites are designed to find your target patients within your regional market, and to rank in the top online searches so potential customers are driven to your practice.

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  3. Evaluation Stage
    Once qualified patients have found your dental website they have to determine if you are the right dentist for their needs. Your web presence matters- patients are looking for a well represented dentist with relevant content and a modern, visually enticing web presence.
    Dental Revenue helps dentists build a well rounded brand that represents their dental practice online. Our responsive websites are one piece of a larger, comprehensive dental marketing program designed to increase online searches and convert traffic into business.

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  5. Commitment Stage
    Getting your target patients to your website is only the first step in securing a new client. When a potential patient makes contact with your office, you need to know your staff has the answers to their questions and are working to convert leads into new patients. Your staff’s initial interaction with a potential patient will help them determine where to take their business.
    Dental Revenue marketing extends beyond the online marketing campaign. We help your staff understand their role in the success of your dental practice. We offer coaching service for office staff on converting leads into new patients. Our Performance Analysis platform helps track improvement and your ROI.

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