New Year’s Eve Resolution – Improve My Online Health!

As we enter 2018 it’s more important than ever to be found online. Sounds simple, right? Well it’s not, or every dentist would be on page 1 of Google! At Dental Revenue (DR), we specialize in helping fee for service dentists find patients who value their advanced skills, technology and premium care.
The first thing DR focuses on is your online health. We need to know your stats (similar to health measurements) so we know your strengths and weaknesses. We study dozens of data points and enter them all into our DR Performance Scorecard. “The results from the scorecard plus an in-depth interview with our dentists help us develop a custom treatment plan for marketing success” says Brian Burns, President of Dental Revenue.
Treatment plans usually start with our industry leading Codebase Website / Marketing Platform. This website product is designed to perform and help our clients get found in the search engines. Adding custom content and SEO techniques we help our client get found for local dental searches. We also focus on rankings for dental concerns, dental technologies (ex. CEREC) and even blog posts on dental related topics.
user-friendly, optimized dental websites
In future articles we will introduce our Core Marketing modules including Advanced Search Engine Optimization as well as our Conversion Coach and ROI tracking technologies.
Happy New Year and to a great 2018 – The Dental Revenue Team