All Smiles for Seven Years

This year marks the seven year anniversary for Ads Next, the parent company of Dental Revenue. The company was founded by Brian Burns in Annapolis, Maryland and now includes a team of website and marketing experts.

While we didn’t start out as a dental marketing company, we were fortunate to work with some of the area’s top dentists from the start. Dr. Scott Finlay, Dr. Vernon Sheen and Dr. Kian Djawdan were among Ads Next’s first clients. Early on, we also forged a relationship with the Dawson Academy and connected with some of their senior faculty members.

Burns vision was to help local businesses succeed in online marketing. By offering a mix of software and services, the Ads Next team was able to develop a results-focused marketing program that helped small to mid-sized businesses increase not just leads but actual new clients.

We quickly earned a reputation for being a reliable and service driven company that was able to deliver meaningful analysis and more importantly, deliver results.
Working with Dawson Dentists across the country and AACD member dentists opened many doors for us. Dentists referred their colleagues to us, we engaged with dental consultants like Larry Guzzardo and began to tailor our program to the needs of the dental industry.

Earlier this year, we launched a division of the company exclusively devoted to Dental Revenue. While Ads Next still delivers marketing solutions for all types of businesses, Dental Revenue works only with dentists and dental professionals.

Our niche is in marketing fee for service dentists. Our program works best for dentists who are looking for something more than a basic website or marketing program.
One of the key factors that distinguishes Dental Revenue from other dental marketing companies is our Reporting Dashboard.

dashboard-laptop (1)
By the end of this year, we will launch an updated version of the Reporting Dashboard. The Dashboard 4.0 will have a new, fresh look but have the same reports and tools you’re familiar with.

We are currently BETA testing a patient revenue matching software that helps us close the loop in your marketing cycle. The next level of internet marketing is not knowing how much traffic you got from your website, but knowing what type of patients your website is attracting and how well your practice is able to close cases on website leads.

As Thanksgiving approaches, we want to say thank you to each and every Ads Next client, including our Dental Revenue clients. We’re looking forward to many more prosperous years together.

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