Dental Revenue Blueprint: A framework for your dental marketing strategy

Dental Revenue was honored to be included in the Dawson Academy alumni webinar series and share information about how to market a fee for service practice. As a Dawson Dentist, you’ve made an investment in your education to differentiate yourself from other dentists and practice better dentistry. You need to market yourself differently than other practices too.

Stages of Online Engagement

There are three main stages that a new patient will go through before he or she schedules an appointment in your office:

1. Search

97% of consumers search for local businesses online. As a dentist, you are a local business. You need to make sure that you have a web presence so that you are found in online searches. As a fee for service dentist, you need to build a marketing strategy that attracts patients who value quality over price. Keywords such as cosmetic dentistry, restorative dentistry, TMJ treatment and even dental concerns like missing teeth, broken teeth, etc. will bring in patients who are seeking specialized care.
Increase your online presence by:

  • Selecting an SEO friendly url
  • Having a dedicated page of content for each service you offer
  • Claiming and optimizing your Google Business and map listing
  • Encouraging patients to review your practice online
  • Interacting with existing patients through social media

2. Evaluation

You only have 10 seconds at the most to make an impression on a potential patient who’s visiting your website. Where a high volume practice communicates a generic message to a generic audience, a fee for service dentist needs to be much more focused.

  • Speak to the specific audience you want to reach
  • Personalize your website with photos of you, your staff and your office
  • Include photos of happy patients, testimonials and before and after photos
  • Assure patients that they will be in control of their treatment
  • Be proactive in addressing common objections such as insurance, price and financing by including information on your website

3. Conversion

Ultimately, the success of your online marketing efforts depends on your staff’s ability to make the most of the leads you receive. Communicate to your staff that they are critical to your success. Give them the tools and resources they need to maximize every opportunity.
Have a standard answer for the following objections:

  • Do you take my insurance?
  • Can I get my preferred appointment time?
  • What does a specific treatment cost?

Creating Your Dental Revenue Blue Print

We created a special worksheet for dentists to use that mirrors the interview process we use. Use this as a tool to help you start to define your business goals and build a successful marketing strategy.

Please click the image to download the Dental Revenue Blueprint

Dental Revenue Blueprint

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