4 Ways To Make A Personal Connection On Your Dental Revenue Website

Recently, we had a kick off call with a new dentist. We asked him the same question we ask all new clients, “What makes you different from other dentists in your area?” He answered, “Me.”

He went on to explain that his staff has been together for many years. It’s his staff, he said, that attracts new patients to the office. They are friendly, respectful and they treat their patients like family.

His answer echoed the response of so many dentists we talk to. The personal connection is what sets each dentist apart from the other. And it raises the question: How do you create a website – something that is so distant and anonymous – that will make a personal connection with a visitor?

At Dental Revenue, we accomplish this by listening. Just like our dentists take the time to get to know each patient – we take the time to get to know each dentist. It is critical for us to hear the dentists story and understand his or her goals. That’s what fuels the inspiration for us create a dental website that is unique, engaging and leaves a lasting impression.

Today, we want to share four things that we encourage our dentists to do so that they can make a personal connection with visitors on their website.

1. Use Real Photos

You know when you’re on a website with stock photography. No matter how “real” the people look – it is rare to find stock models that look authentic.
An investment in professional photography will pay you back 10 fold. Potential patients stop and notice when there are actual photos of your office, staff and patients on the website.

Real Example: Dr. John Cranham

Dr. John Cranham uses photography throughout his website to draw patients in and create a personal connection. The candid shots on the home page communicate his message in a very authentic way and show the diversity of his patients and practice.


2. Break Into Video

Here are some statistics that may surprise you:

  • Your website is 50 times more likely to appear on the first page of search results if it includes video.
  • 80% of website visitors will watch a video, only 20% will actually read the content in its entirety.
  • 90% of online visitors say watching a video about a product or service is helpful to the decision process.

So, the question isn’t why video – it’s why not video. Like professional photography – investing in professional video will generate you a significant return on investment. Video can improve your search engine rankings as well as your new patient conversions. We call that a win win.

Real Example: Dr. Kian Djawdan

The Djawdan Center filmed a series of personal interviews to communicate with potential patients that dental implants are for anyone and everyone. Watching these videos give a much more powerful impact than simply reading the same testimonial.
my Annapolis smiles
Real Example: Dr. Andrew Cobb

Each dentist has a unique story. Consider telling yours in video along side the words. Dr. Andrew Cobb tells his story beautifully in this one minute video, which is featured on the home page of his website as well as his Meet Dr. Cobb page.

3. Show Your Work

Whether you do it in photos or videos, you need to show your patients the results you achieve. Before and after photos are great, but consider taking it to the next level by adding a description of the work done and testimonial from the patient.

Real Example: Dr. Stephen Hoard

The walls of Dr. Stephen Hoard’s office are covered with before and after photos and testimonials of patients. He brought that into his website by adding a smile gallery section. High quality patient portraits paired with before and after images and a testimonial tell a story in a meaningful way.

4. Get Social

Social media is a great way to connect with your current patients and keep them thinking about you. The increased web presence can also boost your search engine rankings. Of course you want your posts to be professional, but you also want them to be fun. Show photos of you and your staff in and out of the office. Get your patients involved too. Wish them happy birthday, hold patient loyalty contests and congratulate them on big occasions like a smile makeover.

Real Example: Dr. William Harper

Dr. William Harper did a presentation to a group of first-graders for Children’s Dental Health Month and posted a photo on Facebook. That simple photo generated 82 likes.

Is Your Website Making A Personal Connection

Take a look at your website. What makes it different from all the other dental websites out there? If its not making a personal connection with your visitors, it isn’t working as well as it should.

Leave a lasting impression on your website visitors. Dental Revenue offers a full suite of photography and video services that can elevate your Performance Program. Call Bill Mulcahy for a free demo at 866-799-7789 or request a demo online.

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