A Conversion Driven Website Equals Dental Marketing Success

Thirty years ago, the promotional efforts of a dental practice were clear cut, straightforward and almost always effective. Business cards, physical signage and print listings were sufficient to keep a dental office busy.

Today, however, running a successful dental practice requires the ability to continuously attract qualified patients through a variety of online marketing and advertising platforms, the most important of these being a dental office website.

Simply building a website, however, isn’t enough.

Your dental website design and the information that is included must be strategically chosen. You don’t need consumers to merely arrive at your site. Instead, these individuals must be motivated by the format that you use and the details that you have shared to contact your office for an appointment.

Thus, the goal of a dental marketing program is never to simply increase website traffic. Rather, it is to draw in qualified prospects and to convert them into new patient appointments.

3 Elements of a Conversion Driven Website

According to Pew Research, 72% of consumers are using the web to search for health information. To capture these consumers, you need to make sure you have three basic elements in place:

1. Search Engine Marketing

Having a well optimized website means that those consumers who are looking for your services will find you. This can be achieved through a variety of organic Search Engine Optimization techniques and/or Paid Advertising (such as pay-per-click). Marketing a dental website to search engines doesn’t just involve the actual website and its contents, but also external sources such as social media, local maps and directory sites which help increase domain authority.

2. Modern Website Design

Having a well designed and well built website means that those consumers can get the information they are looking for. These days it seems almost anyone can create a website. However, having a qualified and experienced website designer and developer can make a tremendous impact on both your ability to be found by the search engines and the experience that the users have when they’re on your website.

These are few of the details that potential patients are looking for when pre-qualifying dental care providers:

  • Dentist qualifications
  • Available procedures and treatments
  • Unique services, amenities or office features
  • Hours and location of the dental office
  • Acceptance of dental insurance and payment options
  • Before and after photos and patient testimonials

3. Persuasive Calls to Action

Having persuasive calls to action means you can convert traffic coming to your website into potential patients who call your office or fill out forms to request an appointment. Phone numbers should be prominent on the website. Inquiry forms should be easy to find and fill out. Special offers, if you have them, should also be easy to find to entice potential patients who need an extra push to contact your office.

If any one of these elements is missing or insufficient, your practice is certain to lose patients to other dental offices who have been more diligent and more aggressive in their online marketing efforts.

The Follow Through

It’s important to remember that marketing doesn’t stop when the call comes in the office. Human interaction is still the most important part of the conversion process. Your front desk needs to be able to take the final step and convert the lead into an actual patient. Read more on the 7 Steps To Convert Calls Into New Patient Visits

The Dental Revenue Performance Program helps to close the gap between the lead and the new patient. The Conversion Coach Platform includes a sophisticated reporting dashboard that tracks incoming leads and categorizes them so that you can easily see where your practice was successful and where you may have had missed opportunities.

In any practice, there’s room for improvement. Dental Revenue account representatives are experienced with dental practices and can provide tips, tools and additional resources to make sure that you are maximizing your new patient conversions.

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