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Dental Revenue has earned a reputation as being one of the leaders in dental marketing for comprehensive and fee for service dentists. We have positioned ourselves with leaders in the industry. Our clients are dedicated to continuing education and providing the highest level of dental care possible.
We are aligned with many of the leading dental organizations and many innovative companies serving the same niche.

Our Partners Include

American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Corporate Partner
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Dental Revenue has many clients who are members of the AACD. In early 2015, we completed the redesign for the AACD’s website aacd.com. We are also the marketing provider for the AACD’s consumer website YourSmileBecomesYou.com. In addition, we manage the Google Pay-Per-Click Campaign for AACD Give Back a Smile. Google provides $10,000 per month in free paid advertising to the non-profit organization.
We built our reputation on the relationships we have with many AACD Members including:

  • Dr. Cappy Sinclair
  • Dr. Scott Finlay
  • Dr. Thomas Trinkner
  • Dr. Pamela Doray
  • Dr. Nelson Kanning
  • Dr. Christopher Banks

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The Dawson Academy Membership Club
Dental Revenue is a part of the Dawson Academy Membership Club. We provide free, 30-minute dental marketing sessions to Dawson Academy Alumni. Download more information
In addition, we work with many of the senior faculty members of the Dawson Academy including:

  • Dr. John Cranham
  • Dr. Doyle Freano
  • Dr. Scott Finlay
  • Dr. Andrew Cobb
  • Dr. Leonard Hess
  • Dr. Raj Upadya

Since 2013, we have worked with Dr. Ian Buckle, the Director of the Dawson Academy UK. We manage Dr. Buckle’s private practice website as well as the website and marketing strategy for the Dawson Academy in the UK. In 2015, we launched a website and marketing program the Dawson Academy India, being spearheaded by Dr. Raj Upadya.
All Star Dental Academy
At Dental Revenue, we know that the most critical stage of converting a lead into a new patient happens at the front desk. No matter how many leads your website delivers, if your staff isn’t equipped with the tools and skills to convert those calls into patients, you can’t maximize your results. The All Star Dental Academy offers an innovative call training program that gives your staff everything they need to convert more leads into new patients.
Local Patient
Dental Revenue is excited to forge a new relationship with Maryland-based Local Patient, a company that integrates patient management software with our innovative reporting dashboard. This is a critical step in Dental Revenue providing dentists with true ROI data. Through the partnership with Dental Revenue and Local Patient, you can realize the true value of your website and marketing program.

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